Best Construction Toys for Children!

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​Todays article is talking about a subject close to my heart…construction toys for children!

These toys are ones that allow young children to build and create. Giving our children access to a variety of construction toys will be a great way to stimulate creativity and critical thinking.

When a child builds, they are thinking through ideas of what they want to build and why. I can remember as a child, spending many hours building different creations and modifying them.

As well as supporting creative and critical thinking, construction toys for children also really help improve fine motor control.

Lego is the construction toy everyone knows and it is great. I had a big bucket of this when I was a child and it’s still as popular today.

However, I want to show you some other ideas for constructions toys, to add some variety to your child’s construction.

What are the best building toys for kids? Best construction toys for kids? If you are asking yourself these type of questions, sit back and enjoy the ride!

These products are in no particular order, by the way 🙂

Please Note: When dealing with construction toys for young children, it is of upmost importance that you do your research on any toy you buy. These toys need to be of good quality, so that they don’t easily break or pose a safety risk to your child. You will find a lot of copy cat toys which might not meet these requirements.

Marble Run Extreme Set

​A good quality marble run is often overlooked when it comes to construction toys for children.

In my experience, some young children might find these hard to use at first, but with some time they will start to really love them.

The motivation to make a path for a marble is quite a fascinating and compelling one for most children. At first, these will be simple. With time, your child will start making quite complex marble runs.

There are wooden marble runs out there, but I have gone for a plastic one for one simple reason.

A plastic marble run becomes a great bath toy too. Instead of running marbles through the pipes, your child will be running water. Just throw this marble run into the bath with a plastic jug, and see how much fun your child has!

Imden Magnetic Blocks

When talking about the best building toys for kids, I had to include a magnetic toy. These are great, because they allow your child to build something complex in a matter of minutes.

This particular set has a great variety of blocks, that will keep your child occupied for hours.

When buying these toys, you also want to go for something of decent quality. Both to ensure a safe play environment for your child, but also to make sure the product can withstand heavy usage too.

​Bristle Blocks

​This is a classic toy that is otherwise known as stickle bricks. The reason this toy has stuck around is simply because it is one of the best construction toys for kids.

​With these blocks, it is important to get a set with a decent amount of variety. This allows your child to build a much wider range of possibilities.

These stickle bricks (or bristle blocks!) are an excellent way to build your child’s fine motor control. They may be a little hard for your child to build with at first, but with time they will build up the necessary control!

Construction Engineering Blocks

This is a bit like Meccano, but a simpler form for young children.

​When your child is using these type of construction toys, they need to use bolts and nuts to join parts together. In my experience, a lot of children really enjoy this method of constructing, and can often come up with some really creative ideas. This toy will last quite a while, as you will find that even some older children will still find this fun!

Pipe and Joint Construction Sets

You might think a bunch of plastic pipes won’t be much fun for a young child! Well, you would be wrong.

​Sometimes the simplest toys are the best ones, as they allow your child’s creativity to play a bigger part in the construction process. When thinking of the best construction toys, I always like to include a set like this.

Like the marble run above, if you add a jug and a funnel (that can fit into the pipes), your child will have even more fun with this in the bath.

Lincoln Logs Village

​It is important that you don’t just surround your child with a bunch of plastic toys. It is important that they get to see and feel some authentic natural materials too. These interlocking wooden logs are great and make a change from what we usually expect wooden blocks to be like.

As these are wooden, they will last for several lifetimes. Any wooden blocks act as a great base for other construction toys for children. For example, your child might use wooden blocks to make a garage, and use another construction toy to make a car to go in it.

Emido Building Block Bars

​This construction toy is something a little bit different. It consists of a series of bars and shapes that have the ability to be interlocked. This interlocking comes in the form of a satisfying click to clasp system.

This set has a great range of different pieces to unlock more creative ideas from your children.

Little Tikes Waffle Blocks

These interlocking blocks are yet another example of a toy that is up there as some of the best building toys for kids. I have been a teacher of young children for over ten years, and I don’t think I ever had a classroom without this style of blocks.

​In my mind, this is also an example of a classic construction toy that still holds up great today!

In Conclusion

So, there you go, my idea of the best construction toys for kids. If you go get your young child a couple of these and let them loose in your house, you will quite likely be amazed at what they can come up with over time.

And, by the way, I am not knocking Lego. It is awesome and I wholeheartedly recommend it for your child. I just wanted to show you some different ideas when it comes to construction toys for kids.

What are your best building toys for kids? We would love to hear all about them in the comment section below.

Also, if you have bought any of the construction toys mentioned in this article, we would love to hear your experience with them.

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