Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom!

One of the biggest decisions new parents make is whether to use milk formula or breastfeed their baby. It is true that using formula can be more convenient, but in this article we want to highlight some key benefits of breastfeeding for both Mom and baby! I am sure you have heard of the term “breast is best” when it comes to breastfeeding. We aim to back this statement up today with some hard cold facts 🙂

did you know that breastfeeding is good for mom too?

Benefits for Baby……

Breast Milk is a Baby Super Food!

Some of these milk formulas have excellent marketing, to convince you of all the healthy ingredients that go into their milk. But none of these formulas can match the super food status of breast milk.

Breast milk has millions of live cells in its make up. These include immune boosting white blood cells, and stem cells. All of which can act as mother nature’s catalyst for your baby’s development and healing abilities.

There are many more benefits within the make up of breast milk, far too many to list here! There are a wide variety of proteins to promote growth. These proteins are a perfect mix for babies to enhance muscle growth! Hundreds of complex sugars called oligosaccharides that are like pro-biotics for babies!

Colostrum is also found in breast milk, something that has been known to build a child’s early immune system. I would recommend doing your own research on this, as their are many complex ingredients that will benefit your child.

Formula could never match such amazing natural benefits!

Breast Milk is baby specific food!

A baby has a very sensitive digestive system. Breast milk is the most well adapted and gentle food for this, meaning your baby will be less likely to suffer with digestive problems. You will see much less symptoms such as diarrhea for example.

Breast Milk is Brain Food!

As breast milk contains long chain fatty acids, this will give your baby’s newly formed brain a boost. A long chain fatty acid you may have heard of is Omega 3, which is found in some fish. Well, breast milk has its own variant of long chain fatty acid.

Your child is less likely to be obese!

Obesity is a key topic of discussion and concern for the modern parent. Most parents worry about their child’s health, and obesity is a key part of that.

Breastfeeding comes to the rescue here, as studies have shown that babies that are feed on breast milk are far less likely to be obese in later life. Breast milk also helps babies to maintain a healthy weight.

Don’t just take it from me, the World Health Organisation also agrees!

Lowering the impact of infectious diseases!

If you read the World Health Organisation’s article linked above, you will also notice that they talked about the fact that breastfeeding has the effect of lowering the risk from death from infectious diseases within the first two years of your child’s life. This in itself should be enough to encourage you to ignore commercial baby formulas and powders.

Breast milk is the best “drug” your baby can take to stay healthy and disease free!

benefits of breastfeeding.

Benefits for Mom…..

The great thing about breastfeeding is, not only is it awesome for your baby, it can also bring potential benefits to mom! What more could you ask for in baby food!

Improved recovery from childbirth

As a mom, your body goes through a lot when you give birth to a child. Breastfeeding has actually proven to aid your recovery and speed up the whole process.

A natural calorie burner!

I am sure a lot of moms worry about their weight after giving birth. Often those weird and wonderful cravings you have whilst pregnant can be the culprit!

You will be happy to know that breastfeeding is a great natural way to burn calories. Not so much burn calories, as release them from your body and into your baby’s! No need to worry so much about doing exercise as new mom, simply choose breastfeeding!

Reduced risk of some cancer types!

Not only is breastfeeding great for your baby’s chances of catching infectious diseases, but it has also proven to help reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

To Conclude!

So far, this article has been quite a factual one. But of all the benefits we have discussed, there is one which beats them all. This is simply the bond that breastfeeding helps develop between mother and baby. Breast feeding can be an extremely comforting and soothing experience for both, and can start building the parental relationship from an early age. You will feel immense pride as you watch your baby grow and develop.

Breastfeeding can also do wonders for the budgets of new parents. No need to pay a premium for expensive “high quality” baby milk powders and formulas. You have the best baby formula freely available. Just make sure Mom is well fed with a healthy diet!

As always, if you have any views or advice on breast feeding, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below!​

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