Children Learning Reading Program Review! [FROM AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER]

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting, and today I would like to do a product review. A reading program review of a very interesting reading system parents can use with their young children. Welcome to my Children Learning Reading Review!

Please note: As with all reviews on Best Case Parenting, our reading product reviews are always totally unbiased and independent. We want to be a resource any parent can trust, and we can only achieve this with independent reviews, free of bias and any outside influences.

We all know that parenting is one of the most important and hardest things in the world! Most parents agonize over the best way they can bring up and help educate their child. This is a perfectly normal response for most parents….wanting to give their offspring the best possible opportunity at a bright future. Wanting to teach reading to your child in the best way possible is just a part of that.

Therefore, my aim on Best Case Parenting is to try and lighten the load. Providing articles that offer advice to parents, to help work through typical parenting problems and concerns.

Also, to highlight products and services that are of high quality and offer the support parents need! We also always do honest reviews, where we have actually used and experienced the product. You will never find generic or copy and paste reviews on this site! Period!

How do children learn to read?

One of those such products is being reviewed today, and it is in the area of teaching reading to children. For many parents reading is a hot topic and something they strive to help their child pick up with as little drama and stress as possible. Clearly, reading skills are considered key for many parents of young children.

Th​e reading system I am looking at today will help you understand how children learn to read, as well as how to teach phonics to a young child. This program could even be included when looking for reading strategies for struggling readers.

On Best Case Parenting, I have written a review of, an amazing online tool to help your child pick up and remember their phonic sounds. However, the product I am reviewing today goes further than this. It offers a fully fledged program that can be used to go through the whole process of reading with your child. It will be interesting to see how a full paid up reading system can compare with free reading products. Will it be worth it?

A while back, I wrote an article about teaching a child to write. In that article I attempted to spell out the different stages a child needs to go through to learn to write. The product I am reviewing today aims to do the same for reading, but in a much more in depth and thorough manner.

For those in a hurry, Children Learning Reading is an excellent hands on reading program for parents. For a reasonable price, you will get a step-by-step system that will get your child reading in the most efficient way. You can check out their official website HERE to find out all the details.

For everyone else, please read on…..


Firstly, who am I, and why should you care about my review? I have been an early childhood teacher for well over a decade now and have daily experience of teaching young children to read. As well as helping me understand the quality of a reading program, it also helps me know more about the needs of parents when it comes to teaching their child reading.


This product is called “Children learning reading” and has been put together by a couple, Jim Yang and his wife Elena. They went through a process of extensive research when ​getting their children reading, and now they want to pass this new found knowledge to others. This product should allow your child to pick up reading in a fun and seamless way.

Children learning reading” is suitable for any child from the ages two through to six years old. Pretty much any child that has started speaking is able to be taught with this program. To back this up, Jim has videos of his own children reading when they were toddlers.

I wanted do a Children Learning Reading review, as I see a lot of parents who worry about how to teach their child phonics and everything that entails. I went into this review hoping that I had found a good solution to this problem many parents find when getting their children reading!

What is the best way to teach a child to read?

Jim Yang (the main founder of this reading system) is not some famous children’s guru or well known figure on daytime TV! He is just a normal guy with a real passion for children learning reading. I have been really impressed by the level of research he has put into his reading program, and you can see his passion coming through! It is not just a thrown together reading system, but one developed with a clear scientific based approach.

If you are in doubt as to Jim Yang’s credentials or passion for this project, I recommend you go and look at his Youtube channel. Even now, he is putting out some really informative and helpful videos on the subject! Like the one below. Thanks Jim for all your continued contribution to the world of learning reading :


As I stated earlier, many parents see reading as an important part of raising a child. After all, reading forms the basis of most adults’ lives in our society. Unless you have a background in teaching or education, you likely have no idea how to teach your child to read and are left with many questions. When you do have a clearer idea of how children learn to read and how to teach phonics, you will feel much more comfortable with helping your child.

Not only should this product clear up these problems. It should also give you a clear focus and step by step program to follow.

I think you can already tell that I like this product! The fact it is even being mentioned on Best Case Parenting should be a sign of that already! Most products don’t get too far along if I find out they are inferior or not suitable in some way!

I am a preschool teacher with over 12 years experience of teaching reading skills, and when I got access to this product, I could quickly tell that it would be a lifeline for any parent struggling with teaching reading.

I have done degrees and spend many years perfecting this skill as a teacher. By using “Children learning reading” you are able to gain a lot of this expertise much faster, and in an easy to understand format.

Getting children reading should NOT be stressful for parents! Hopefully, you will see this after reading my Children Learning Reading review!!


I want to clear something up first when it comes to this particular reading review. This is not really an online reading program. Yes, you access it online, but this is a learning program that you (the parent) will need to manually teach your child. So, if you are looking for a more hands off online reading program or system, then Children Learning Reading is not for you. Just a heads up to start 🙂

Personally, I would much rather a child learns reading from hands on games than starring at a screen for hours. And personally, I have found those online games good at practising reading but not teaching the whole process (certainly with the ones I have tried).

The thing that hit me very quickly when I first started out reviewing this product, is the fact that it offers a complete package. It is not just a set of lessons to follow with no explanation. It will also guide you in the reasons and theory behind their teaching approach. This will give parents a full understanding of what they are doing and the proven research that backs it up.

It is much easier to follow through with something you understand, rather being asked to blindly follow!

As a teacher, I have mentioned on this site before the importance of short but sharp inputs when teaching a young child anything. This product follows this principal perfectly, specifically offering lesson formats that can be taught in as little as a few minutes at a time. Teaching reading should be fun, not something you are forcing your child to endure. Therefore, this short and sharp format is essential.

In fact, when I have trained other colleagues how to teach phonics, the first thing I usually say is do short activities, but often. When thinking how children learn to read, the most important thing is to not frustrate or bore them with long and tedious lessons!

We are trying to show our children that reading can be fun, not bore them to tears!

Jim also does a great job in the PDF guides, to talk about “how to get your child to co-operate”. It is great to see that he is covering the fact that every child is different and may require a different approach. And he makes sure to highlight the fact that the teaching should be fun and to stop when any frustration (from child OR parent) begins.

How can I teach my child to read?
One of the included PDF ebooks.

​The structure of the course is broken up into two sections. The first 28 lesson section acts as a solid grounding, preparing your child for some more complex aspects that will be covered in section two. Section two is of a similar length, being 22 lessons long.

This course aims to extensively teach your child the phonic knowledge they need to start reading. With this phonic knowledge, words can be broken down and understood in their component parts. In simple terms, a CVC word such as “dog” is broken down into the three phonic sounds “d-o-g”.

What I really love is the fact that each stage is accompanied by a detailed and well written PDF document. This document lays out everything you need to know when it comes to teaching your child to read.

Not only this, but if you buy the slightly more expensive “premium” version, the first stage of lessons is backed up by full video demonstrations. These videos involve Jim going through the lessons with one of his young children. Not only does this show you exactly what you should do, but that it is a realistic and feasible thing to do with young children.

Not only are these videos cute and adorable, but they act as a core hands on resource for parents. It is daunting for some parents when thinking how to teach phonics! This program spells everything out and leaves no stone unturned.

The majority of parents will have no problems following Jim’s reading lessons. Teaching reading skills to your children will become second nature in no time!

When you start a new job (that you have never done before), you don’t just get thrown in at the deep end and asked to start working. You are given some training from someone else doing the exact same job! These videos provide the exact same thing! If you new to teaching phonics and are nervous about the whole thing, they will be perfect!

Some adults have short attention spans too, so these videos are great for those that don’t always want to read lengthy PDF documents. Although, I would say that you should at least read some of the PDF’s, as they often provide a much more in depth explanation.

In fact, write at the start of the first PDF, Jim offers a sort of quick start guide of articles that the busy parent can read to get up and running. So, if you do buy this course, you really have no excuse to not get started straight away!

What age should a child read fluently?


Of course, an important factor for a lot of people will be the price. In my opinion, this shouldn’t be a stumbling for this particular phonic/reading program.

​As you can see below, the standard package is usually $49.99, which includes everything you will need. I would recommend the slightly more expensive premium package, as it also includes the invaluable video demonstrations.

For such a full and complete reading program in a step-by-step nature, this price is a steal to me.

That’s the price of a normal full price video game (just about!!), for example. It would baffle me that someone would say that spending $60 on a video is fine, but investing $60 in a valuable resource for their child’s reading skill isn’t!

So, like I said at the start of this section, I wouldn’t imagine price would be an issue for a lot of parents looking at this product! 

What are the 7 strategies of reading?

Before we move on to the next section, the next thing to consider is that this product is being offered through Click Bank.

Never heard of Click Bank? Well, they are one of the early pioneers of digital marketplaces, and therefore can be trusted to look after you when you buy through them. You are buying from a big and well established company, not some fly by night operation!

Click Bank will always give you a refund (within the stated terms of the product), if you are unhappy with your purchase.

So, if you do decide to buy Children Learning Reading, that is one less thing you need to worry about! 


Well, as you have probably worked out, I really like this product a lot and feel that it can be incredibly beneficial for parents.

The way that everything is explained and even backed up with video demonstrations, means that those parents will have a full awareness of what they should be doing and why. It is one of the best programs I have seen on “how to teach phonics” and on explaining how children learn to read!

However, there are two key areas that I would point out as negatives for the program. For me, they are not what I would call “deal breakers”, but they should be pointed out.

The first area is regarding the somewhat mechanical nature of the program. Everything is explained and demonstrated well, and this is definitely the best way to teach a child reading.

However, I am a big believer in developing a “love” of reading, rather than ​just breaking it down into a mechanical process. ​Therefore, if you do use this program, make sure to also read a lot of bright and vibrant children’s story books to your child. For example, you can read a story book to your child every time just before bed time.

Build up a bank of great story books for your child to interact with on a daily basis. I have an article here that should give you ideas about some great story books to buy.

If you do this, your child will probably grow up enjoying books and having a natural urge to read. They will SO want to be able to read that favourite story book to themselves that they will have a natural motivation when you do use the techniques explained in the “Children learning to read” program. If you are thinking of reading strategies for struggling readers, this is often the part that was missed out! The love of reading is very important.

You may also find that your child sometimes struggles with Jim’s teaching methods. Maybe they can’t sit still and go through the phonic flashcards well. This can happen to any child!

If you encounter this problem, I would drop that day’s phonic lesson and do a fun game focused on the phonic sounds they have already learned. For example, you can hide the phonic sounds around your house and ask your child to find them. When they do, they will say that phonic sound. Another idea would be to play a memory game. Have two sets of phonic cards face down. The child turns over two cards and tries to find a matching pair. You can search online for more similar fun phonic games like this. If you find your child really enjoys a certain game, you could also use this as a reward if they can get through one of Jim’s lessons.

The second area is regarding the delivery of the teaching and reference materials. Upon completing purchase, you are sent to a download area. You can either view the materials or download them.

To me, this area felt dated and slightly clumsy. In the modern digital age we live in, I think they should implement a slicker way to present this information.

However, the content of the materials contained within is so good, that I would urge you to push through this slight problem!

It seems Jim and Elena have become experts on how children learn to read and how to teach phonics, but not so much how to present a modern-looking course in a world which is ever more demanding when it comes to this! Personally, I can forgive them this!


To wrap up this Children Learning Reading review, I would simply say that this product makes an excellent resource for any parent wanting to teach their children to read at home. Or maybe you are a parent who already started and is getting mixed results. This reading program is so well put together, that it is very likely to help you get back on the right track.

As I previously stated, I have worked as a preschool teacher for many years, and following this program will give your child a better foundation in reading than I have seen from many professional teachers. It acts as a fast track on how to teach phonics and how children learn to read!

Jim Yang and his wife Elena have really done an excellent job putting this product together, and they clearly have a passion to help others better teach their children to read.

A well put together set of reading lessons like this should be a must for any parent. I have reviewed many free reading systems or programs on this site, and almost all come across as confusing and muddled to the layperson (who is not familiar with how to teach reading). Not so with this learning program!

This product is clearly a labour of love and their own experience, not just an excuse to make a quick buck. Thanks to Jim Yang, we have a top reading system designed especially for parents. Jim even offers his email address and encourages parents to contact him for further guidance and affirmation that the process you are going through is working!

I just wish they would update their content delivery to give the end user a smoother and more modern experience! Anyway, nothing is perfect in life…right!!

The final thing I want to remind you about is the price. You can get this course for as little as $49.99, which is cheaper than some of the textbooks I had to buy as a trainee teacher. So, it goes without saying, that Jim and Elena have done a great job to make their product cost effective.

You can also explore this product further by clicking HERE and looking at their official website. That have a full video presentation to explain the product further.


  • Parent Focused
  • Step by Step
  • Everything included
  • Hands on for child
  • Inexpensive


  • Old Method of Delivery
  • Needs an adult to lead

Do you have experience with reading strategies for struggling readers? How to teach reading or phonics to a young child or toddler? Or understanding how children learn to read? Have you developed a reading system for teaching reading at home? We would love to hear all about it in the comments section below! Or if you have any personal experience of this particular reading program, we would love to hear from you to!

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