Ideas for Baby Proofing your House!

It is a wonderful thing as a new parent to bring a child into the world! However, pretty soon you’ll be worrying about your new baby’s safety in the home.

Don’t get into a big panic though, there is time if you start early. As long as you make sure that, by the time your child is moving around themselves, you have your house baby proof. So relax and baby proof in your own time!

how to babyproof your home

In this article, we hope to give you some ideas about some common areas of the home to look into. A lot of accidents with young children can be avoided with some forward thinking!

Some of you may tell me after reading the article “but all of this is common sense, I don’t need to read an article on this!!!” Well, think of this article merely as a checklist. Hopefully, you will be able to quickly check off all of these items and move onto your next important job as a parent 🙂


I am sure most of you have seen this in your workplace! That annoying person that comes around and tells you to tuck these wires away or move those heavy boxes!

Health and safety inspectors may be annoying, but companies and governments employ them for a reason! So, you need to take on this role in your home. Do a home health and safety audit, if you will! Don’t forget that you need to be a pint size version of a health and safety inspector! Get down on your hands and knees, so you really are at the potential eye level of your child. This will help you better see any hazards from their point of view.

This will give you an idea of what need baby proofing around your home.

Here are some key things to look out for:

Chemicals and Medicine: We all know that one of the first things a baby likes to do is put EVERYTHING they find or can grasp in their mouth! Therefore, any chemicals or medicine needs to be stored somewhere out of reach to your baby.

Anything Sharp: A baby with new found movement skills is a rather unstable one. They are prone to stumbling and falling. Therefore any sharp or pointed surface or edge needs to be taken into consideration. You can’t cover everything sharp, but you can certainly think about the major culprits such as tables and cupboard corners!

As well as furniture that has sharp edges, there are multiple household objects that are also sharp. Mostly, but not always, these can be found in the kitchen. Scissors, knives….these kind of things.

Staircases: This is a classic, but be sure not to forget it! I can always remember as a child myself clinging onto the gates that blocked off the stairs in my childhood house. Stairs are a fascinating but dangerous draw for a newly mobile baby!

How do you childproof your home?

Electrical Outlets: Before you find your child poking toys into the holes in your electrical sockets, you may want to make them inaccessible. It can be a chore if you live in a house with many outlets, but it’s an essential in baby proofing a home.

Things that fall: A young child just loves to explore the world around them. And that heavy box on the edge of a shelf will probably gain a lot of interest. Try to avoid putting anything heavy in a place or position where it can be easily toppled!

Things with cords or hanging loops: The obvious thing here would be electrical cords. As well as being unsightly for minimalists everywhere, they also prove to be tripping hazards for upwardly mobile babies. The less obvious thing would be anything cord or string like that may be hanging in a looped fashion. Anything that a young child can easily hook their head or other parts of their body on!

Choking Hazards: As we talked about early, young babies love to experiment by putting things in their mouth. This means that anything small should be out of your child’s reach. Choking is a serious hazard in many homes with young children. Not sure if something is really a choking hazard? As a rough guide, if it fits through a toilet roll tube then you should consider it as such.

Any one way door: What is a one way door? Maybe I should say any door that can lock itself. The last thing you want is your baby locking themselves into a room!

Anywhere that has the potential to pool water: Water in baths, sinks and even toilets could be dangerous for a young child for multiple reasons. In fact anywhere where there could potentially be pooled water should be out of bounds to your child.


Now that you have an idea what the dangers are around your home, you will quickly find there are many cool products on the market that can help you with a quick and easy fix.

Here are some examples that we recommend at Best Case Parenting.

To view these items on Amazon, simply click the image:

Baby Proofing Pack by SikoiMate

This pack has a wide range of products in one simple pack. Just by buying this, you will have the ability to cover some of the main areas of danger in your home. 

Roving Cove – Safe Rail

Open bars at the top of stairs look really cool to adults, but don’t underestimate the danger they can have to young children. This netting will quickly and easily cover such railings, giving you piece of mind.

A Super Long Baby Gate by Regalo

This simply massive baby gate would be a god send for many modern homes, especially those with open plan kitchens. I was blown away when I first saw this, and they made it totally adjustable too. What a great idea!

LectraLock – A cover for electrical outlets in use!

I am used to seeing the simple dummy plugs that are used to cover up out of use power outlets. However, this product is on a whole new level. It can cover up outlets that are in use, meaning your child will struggle to pull out plugged in cables to get access to bare outlets! Whoever thought of this idea is a genius! They even come in different shapes and sizes to fit the different styles of power outlets.

Flatscreen TV Anti Tip Straps!

This one may seem a little bit weird, as they were originally designed for earthquake zones! However, they also have a great use for families with young children. I don’t think people realise what a hazard a toppling flatscreen TV can be for your young child. These straps make it so that you won’t have to find out!

Get Baby proofing!

Hopefully, we have given you some ideas on how to baby proof your home! For a complete checklist, you should head over to THIS US government page, they have an excellent free baby proofing checklist over there!

If you have any of your own tips for baby proofing a house, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below!

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