Autism Parenting Magazine: Issue 90 Review

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting, and welcome back to a follow up article on the Autism Parenting Magazine. I recently did a review on this magazine, but wanted to give you a better idea of what the magazine is about by going through the latest edition together. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea about the content and quality that this magazine has.

If you want to get more info about Autism Parenting Magazine, simply click HERE to go to their official website.

Please be aware that this article will go over the main content in this issue of Autism Parenting Magazine. Of course, we will not cover absolutely everything here! It is just to give you an idea about the content to expect if you subscribe to this magazine.

Autism Parenting Magazine Issue Breakdown

So, without further a do, on with the issue review (oh, and that rhymes!)

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To start with, lets go over the articles highlighted on the front cover of this months issue.

Top Tips on Transitioning a Child Back to School

This article is written by Annette Nunez (who apparently has a PHD so must be a smart cookie, right?), and tackles the idea of how to get your child back into school mode after a long summer holiday! If you want to find out more about the author, this magazine has a bio feature for the author of their articles. Annette’s is featured below.

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What I like about this magazine, is they seem to take their authors very seriously. You can see above that Annette has a serious background as an expert in this field. This is such a key element of this magazine, to give any parent of autistic children the confidence in their advice.

Getting back to the article, this is a great idea for an article and perfectly timed. A lot of children on the autistic spectrum struggle at this time of year, even if they have been to school before. The stress of dealing with a new teacher, a new classroom environment and even new children as peers. It can be a lot to take for some autistic children.

This article gives some solid advice to prepare your child for a new school year and help making sure they are ready for the more regimented routine needed within a school environment.

On the whole, I like this article. It would certainly help a lot of parents who find themselves in this situation. The only downsides are that one of the tips is to make an ‘all about me’ poster for your child. Although, I am unclear whether this was intended to take to school to show teachers or simply for use in home. Also, I would have liked to see a slightly longer article. A solid start, none the less!

How to Get the Social Skills Class your Family Wants and Needs

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Again, this article is written by an experienced expert in Rachel Bedard. Right off the bat, this article is diving into the topic of social skills classes or groups, and how to get the best one for your child. As this is a magazine based around autism, I feel like they are assuming that all parents already know about these classes or groups. But, for me, they still should include a information box or something to quickly explain this for parents that don’t know what this is. Otherwise, the rest of the article is pretty useless for these people.

There is still some good content here, for parents who are either not happy with their current social skills classes, or need some ideas on how to find a good one.

Again, this article feels a little short. 

Building the Road to Independence with Autism

This article is all about helping your growing child transition into an independent adult. Essentially, it is a list of tools and techniques you could use to support and encourage this transition to be the best it can be.

I have complained that the first two articles were a bit short, something that is not the case here. I suppose you could call this a feature article by its length. 

I like the fact that as well as giving parents ideas for tools they can use to help support their growing child’s Independence, it will also give them an idea as to what their school should be doing to support this too. It will give parents an idea as to what to ask their school to make sure the best support is being provided. And then, if this support is lacking at school, parents will know what gaps they need to fill in.

My only gripe with this article is it ends abruptly. I would have liked to see a summary at the end, to help parents have a better understanding of the content and what they can do going forward.

How to Help a Child Struggling with Sensory Issues and Self Control

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Sensory issues are a big pain point for many parents of autistic children, so this would be a valuable article for many of them. It offers tips for how to help your child understand and quantify how they are feeling in a certain situation, so they can start to understand what to do next to move themselves on from any negative feelings or emotions. Basically, making your child more aware of their situation and what they can do to change it when needed.

Another short article, but with valuable tips for any parents struggling on this area.

Medical Cannabis, Autism, and the Transformation of Medicine

I have to say that I am happy to see some articles on topical subjects within the autism community. No-one wants a magazine filled only with dry information! You also want to see articles that push the envelope and create dialogue and discussion within the community. Although you can’t physically put this issue on your coffee table, if you could this article would do exactly that!

The article is from David Berger, a pediatrician that talks about his experiences with cannabis and CBD oil, and how he has introduced and used it in his practice. This could be a great starting point for parents that have thought about this route for their autistic child.

Other Articles of Note

Other than the headline articles discussed above, I really like the articles centered around personal stories from the community. These include stories from adults who have grown up with autism, from community experts and advocates and also from parents of autistic children. Articles of this nature will really help encourage other parents as to what is possible with their own child and highlight inspiring journeys. A magazine like this is not only about giving out dry facts, it is also about being a source of celebration and inspiration. So, it is great to see a good number of these articles included.

In this particular issue they have an article from Erin Clemens, an adult that talks about here experiences with education growing up as an autistic child. As well as her success story going with the Devereux Pennsylvania Community Adult Autism Partnership Program. There is also an article from a parent of two autistic children, Ray Wunder. He talks about his experiences with his kids, and his resulting support for the Melissa Nellesen Center for Autism in Utah.

To finish up the content review of this issue of Autism Parenting Magazine, here is one page (of the two in this issue) of the contents page. It will give you an idea of how much more you can expect over and above the articles I have discussed here.

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So, What are My Takeaways from this Issue?

Thank you for reading our content review for this issue of Autism Parenting Magazine, we hope it offers a good follow up to our review of the magazine.

Autism Parenting Magazine can hardly be seen as an ultimate resource for the issues it tackles (which is normal for a magazine format). However, for a mere $2.5 to $4 a month it can offer an excellent starting point for many parents of autistic children. Very often, these parents can feel lost or unsure what to do in this situation, especially at the start. By reading this magazine, they will have a better understanding of the key issues they need to look at and deal with. 

As I stated in the review of this magazine, they also have a Facebook group that you can become a member of. This will also give you access to a wider variety of parents facing the exact same issues as you. I have only been in this group a short time, but already I have seen many questions answered. And the admins are very active and will often reply highlighting relevant past articles from the magazine for the post creator to check out.

Is Autism Parenting Magazine perfect? Of course not! They do have some issues around their content. I feel they regularly assume that the reader is already knowledgeable on the subject area of autism and the jargon around it (when they often may not be as new parents). A little more care with how they present themselves to parents would go a long way. 

However, they are still an essential resource for any parent of autistic children. Where else can you get find such a wide array of information for such a low price of admission?

If you have your own experiences with this magazine, we would love to hear all about it in the comments section below. As a parent, did you find their articles easy to understand and follow?

As stated above, for more information on this magazine, simply visit their official site HERE.

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