Positive Parenting Solutions Content Review!

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting. Today, I want to do an update to my review of Positive Parenting Solutions. For those of you that read the review, you will know that it is one of my favourite parenting courses right now! It gives so much support for parents across a wide selection of parenting topics, it really is a must!

Today, my plan is to focus on the content of Positive Parenting Solutions, so that anyone thinking about getting into this course has a better idea what to expect!

We would also love to hear from any parents that have already tried the course. What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

If you want to check out Positive Parenting Solutions, you can click HERE to check out their official website. They have a free webinar for newbies to explain what the course is all about.

So, on with the review!

What content did I try out?

Amy McCready’s Coaching Calls

Amy McCready is the main driving force behind the Positive Parenting Solutions course content, and in this course she does regular coaching calls. These are calls with members that have specific problems they would like an answer to. As you can see below, each call usually has about 3 or 4 questions answered on it.

As I logged back into the course I can see that Amy is still pumping out this content, which is great to see. In the previous month she did 5 of these calls, and the month before 9. To give context, these are usually around an hour long. This gives a lot of new content each month, as well as offering a platform for members to get their questions answered. 

These calls are great, because they aren’t just Amy talking, it is a real Skype style call with the other members involved and able to give immediate feedback and discuss the subject with Amy. For Amy to put herself out there in this way is a good indicator of how much she is willing to do for her members. You also get to hear real member stories and how the course has helped them, as well as getting their questions answered.

The other great thing, is that you have access to all of the recordings from as far back as 2016. That’s a lot of content and a lot of parenting subjects covered right there! Below you will see a screen shot of the recent list of coaching calls I saw when I logged in, to give you an idea as to the topics covered.

positive parenting solutions webinar

As I said in my main review, I wish they has some kind of search feature, or had the coaching calls dividing by subject matter, but hey-ho it’s still a lot of valuable information. It will just take you a little longer to find it!

For this content review, I decided to listen to the episode about 3.5 year old power struggles with their parents at toys away time. First, we get to hear some background to the situation, and then the mother explains this new issue they are having now with putting toys away. Amy has some great advice here about how to divert attention away from this power struggle and how to frame it in different ways. As someone who has a lot of experience working with young kids as a teacher, it is also interesting to hear about some of the differences when working with a home environment.

All in all, the original view I had for these coaching calls in my review has been held up here. If you take the time to listen to them, you will learn a lot. 

Coach Your Child to Win at Social Media

As someone that has done some articles on cyber safety with children, I was very interested to find out more about this particular content within the Positive Parenting Solutions course. This is extra content that they put under the expert series section. 

In this example, they have brought in Laura Tierny, an expert in the subject and founder of The Social Institute. It is great that PPS can get this caliber of expert to offer advice on their service. OK, it is probably to also raise awareness for her institute, but it is valuable to get advice from Laura all the same.

This short course takes the form of a 1 hour and 20 minute video, so it is a substantial length for an extra element of PPS. It is also great that, before you watch the video, the course page clearly explains what you will learn and who Laura Tierny is. This means you are unlikely to waste your time watching irrelevant content!! Look below and you will see what I mean. This is not content thrown together for the sake of it! Trust me, I have seen a lot of other sub par courses that would do that in the name of ‘content’. Not here! There is even a downloadable handout to go with the course!

positive parenting solutions toolbox

So, what is the content like? Well it comes in the form of a recorded webinar with Amy, where Amy joins Laura whilst she does her training presentation. The great thing about this is there is also a question and answer session at the end. It offers advice on current trending applications your child might be using on their phones, as well as how to support your child with social media in a positive way. This is great, as most children using social media will probably not take kindly to being forced into using social media in a certain way. The positive approach is definitely the way to go, and most likely to see success (in my opinion).

Consequences that Work!

Finally, I want to look at an extra training module that Positive Parenting Solutions has within their specialty module section. As you can see, it is all about using consequences to help control your child’s behaviour. As a teacher, I know all too well about this, so I am interested to hear more about it from a parenting standpoint. Again, as with the social media module above, the details of what you will learn are laid out clearly before you start. Again, this training is done in video format.

Unbelievably, they also include a 3 page note taking guide.

positive parenting solutions youtube

As you can see above, the quality of this note taking guide is exceptional, even though this is not the main part of the PPS course, just an add on module! If you ever wondered if the cost of this PPS course is worth it, moments like these will make you realise that it is! It blows me away the amount of thought that goes into even the add on training modules!

The video that goes with this module is a 50 minute long presentation by Amy McCready. Again, the quality of this presentation and the slides used is great for an extra module on PPS. Listening to this presentation will give any parent a clear and concise idea of what to do with consequences as a parent. Amy is great at presenting in this way, using language that any parent can easily understand. Another example of why Amy is such a great parenting expert. I would even go as far as to say she is a parenting guru!

What are my Takeaways?

Sometimes, after recommending a product on Best Case Parenting, I like to reflect on this and revisit this recommendation. Is it really valid? Did I do the right thing? This is especially the case for Positive Parenting Solutions, as it is not exactly a cheap course when it comes to parenting tools!

However, I am constantly blown away by this course, something that this content review reminded me of! To get access to all this parenting content, all of which is well thought out and presented, is actually an amazing bargain. Parenting is not really something that we are taught. I have seen people that live successful lives, but still have no real idea how to parent well! This course really is a life saver and Amy McCready has committed herself to a course that will help many hundreds of parents with their journey!

This content review has reinforced my recommendation for Positive Parenting Solutions many times over!

If you are interested in finding out more, you can join one of Amy’s free webinars HERE to get an idea.

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