The ULTIMATE article on naming your baby!

When you are lucky enough to bring a new entity into the world, there are a lot of things to worry about! Near the top of that list is usually naming your new baby!

It is a big responsibility, naming a baby. This is effectively your babies call sign for their WHOLE life! No pressure then! Ha ha.

We are actually quite lucky in the modern world, as we have so many more places we can go to research baby names. There are websites all over the internet about it, not to mention the thousands of posts on social media!

Having said all of that, you still need to go through a process to make sure that you can come up with a name that satisfies both yourself and the grown up version of your baby!

This article aims to give you a starting point. We hope we can make the whole “naming” thing a lot easier to navigate.

ultimate guide to naming your baby!

Key things to remember when naming a baby.

  1. Research, research, research. As we stated above, there are so many more baby naming resources available these days. Make use of them to have a plethora of baby naming ideas.One excellent example is a website called Nymbler. They call themselves “your personal baby name assistant”. You can save names, exclude names and (of course) find names. Each name on the website has a description that includes statistics and meaning.
  2. Let friends and family help. Allowing your friends and family to vote on names could be a fun option. After all, they will have a close link with your baby and could offer a quick and broad base of opinion! If nothing else, it will give you a wealth of feedback at the start of your naming journey, to help you decide the path to take.
  3. Hearing is believing. You would be amazed how many parents think they have found the perfect name, only to find themselves “weirded out” when they hear others use the name. Or you may find that the name clashes with middle or surnames that will be used! So say your chosen name out loud and repeat it in all the possible naming combinations. Only by hearing the name out loud can you decide whether you like it or not long term.
  4. Stay ahead of the game with nicknames! It is inevitable that whatever name you choose will be shortened into a nickname in one way or another. Try to think of what these nicknames may be, as you may find some that rub you up the wrong way. Does the name have any other hidden meanings that could bring embarrassment to your child? All these things need to be considered!
  5. K.I.S.S(Keep it simple stupid) A phrase that is usually uttered in business universities up and down the country! This term is also relevant to baby naming! It may seem cool at the time to come up with a totally rad and unique name. To slightly change the spelling to make your child special! But just remember, your child will have to live with this name for a very long time. They don’t want to spend half their life explaining misconceptions over unique spellings. Or explaining why they have such a “unique” name!
  6. Keep an open mind! Naming your baby BEFORE they arrive in this world may seem essential to some. But I say wait! Make a plan….draw up a list of possible names you like. Then wait until your baby is born. When you see your child’s angelic smile for the first time, it may become obvious which name to choose. So don’t feel in a rush!
  7. Make it fun. Imagine this. Your child is all grown up and asking you how you came up with such an awesome name. You don’t really want to tell them it was the first name that popped up on a baby naming website!! So, be creative and fun with your baby naming process!

The “Quick and Easy Route”.

If all this baby naming stuff seems a bit overwhelming, you may want to go down a simple and well used path. This section is for those people!

  1. Keep it in the family. You can’t keep it simpler than naming your child after someone else prominent in your family. You could give your child the full name of someone important to you in your family, or simply use that as inspiration for an associated name.
  2. Top 10 lists all day! You will find top ten name lists all over the internet. Popular names are often short, concise and catchy names. So why not just follow the crowd and pick a top ten name you like.
  3. Keep it classy. Old fashioned names may sound classy to some. Maybe you are one of these people! There are a plethora of distinctive sounding classic names you could use. You could have “Bernadettes” and “Betsys” running around your house in no time!
  4. Don’t just go with the flow! It is fine to use current culture and trends to name your baby, but you may want to consider the strength of this trend first. Naming your child after a passing fad might not be the best thing. You might want to stick with more long term and solid trends!

Well, there you have it! Naming your baby in a nutshell! You will thank yourself later for all the effort that you will be putting into your new baby’s name! After all, they will be using it for a long time to come.

If you have any of your own experiences or tips on baby naming, we would love to hear them in the comment section below!

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