Best Air Purifier For Pregnancy

7 Best Air Purifiers For Pregnancy Based On Research [2022]

Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy has numerous negative effects. They include impaired lung development, lower birth weight, and high infant mortality.

The good news is pregnant women can take matters into their hands and ensure these health issues do not affect their unborn children. How you may ask. By getting the best air purifier for pregnancy.

In this review, we look at the 7 best air purifiers for pregnancy.

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1. IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier – Best Overall

Best Air Purifier For Pregnancy

Our rating

Protect your little one and yourself with the IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier. Built with HyperHEPA filtration technology, the air purifier can trap ultrafine particles as small as 0.003 microns

That’s ten times smaller than a virus. Such particles include bacteria, viruses, and others. By trapping fine and ultrafine particles, the purifier helps to provide unequaled protection to you and the unborn baby.

It features triple seal technology that eliminates air leakage. As such, unfiltered air will not escape and find its way into your home. This is because the 3D ultra seal seals the filter frame to the housing. This ensures the unit is airtight.

Whether you’re working or relaxing, you can sit back and enjoy 320-degree air delivery. This is thanks to EvenFlow Diffuser, a feature that allows the purifier to deliver clean, fresh air with no annoying draft or noise.

This unit has a CADR of 300 CFM and can clean rooms up to 1,125 square feet. As such, it’s perfect for your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and basement.

What We Liked

✅ Filters fine and ultrafine particles

✅ Has a new edition fan

✅ Comes with sophisticated controls

✅ Sleek design

✅ Best for large rooms

What We Did Not Like

❌ Expensive compared to other models

2. Medify MA-40 Air Purifier

7 Best Air Purifiers For Pregnancy Based On Research [2022] 3

Our rating

Next is the Medify MA-40 Air Purifier, an air purifier capable of cleaning large spaces up to 1,600 square feet in an hour.

Ideal for apartments, and home offices, the purifier can also clean 840 square feet in 30 minutes thanks to a powerful fan and filtration system.

It has a HEPA H13 filtration system. This is a medical-grade filter that can remove 99.9% of particles. They include pet dander, dust, odor, smoke, and others as small as 0.1 microns. 

By capturing these particles, the purifier protects against respiratory infections caused by pollutants.

It has a sleek touch screen panel that gives you access to several controls. They include the timer, sleep mode, fan speed, child lock, and filter replacement indicator. Thanks to the child lock feature, pets and kids will not change the settings accidentally.

What We Liked

✅ CARB certified

✅ Ultra-quiet

✅ Easy to use

✅ Energy Star certified

✅ Has child lock feature

What We Did Not Like

❌ Has no air quality indicator

3. Bissell Smart Purifier

7 Best Air Purifiers For Pregnancy Based On Research [2022] 4

Our rating

Expectant mothers and newborns will surely benefit from the Bissel Smart Purifier. AHAM certified, it has a medical-grade HEPA filter that captures 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Such particles include pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and others.

By trapping these pollutants, the purifier creates a healthy living environment for you and your family.

Besides the HEPA filter, it has a pre-filter and carbon filter. The pre-filter is the first line of defense and traps large particles such as dust and lint

The carbon filter traps smoke, odor from cooking, and pets plus VOCs. It neutralizes unpleasant odors, reduces the chances of airborne diseases, and improves sleep.

It has VOC sensors that monitor and provide indoor air quality feedback. If the purifier detects poor air quality, it adjusts fan speed to the highest setting.

This aids in trapping and removing pollutants in your home. By doing so, the purifier prevents allergy and asthma triggers.

What We Liked

✅ Whisper quiet

✅ Energy star rated

✅ Designed for large rooms

✅ Intuitive dial control

✅ Has VOC sensors

What We Did Not Like

❌ None

4. Blueair Blue Pure 311 Air Purifier

7 Best Air Purifiers For Pregnancy Based On Research [2022] 5

Our rating

Ideal for medium-sized and small rooms, the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Air Purifier has a four-stage filtration system. The first stage is the pre-filter that traps large particles such as dust and lint. 

Next is the HEPASilent technology that traps 99.97% of airborne particles and uses electrostatic filtration to do so.

The unit also has a particle filter and carbon layer that trap odors from pets, smoke, cooking plus airborne allergens. By trapping pollutants, the purifier relieves symptoms of asthma and increases life expectancy.

Energy star rated, it consumes 3 to 35 W. As a matter of fact, it’s 40% more energy efficient than other models. This allows you to save money on monthly electricity bills. Not only that.

You can run the air purifier day and night without worrying about rising power bills.

What We Liked

✅ Sleek design

✅ Low noise level

✅ Energy efficient

✅ Has a washable fabric pre-filter

✅ Ideal for medium rooms

What We Did Not Like

❌ Very loud at the highest fan speed

5. Winix HR900 Air Purifier

7 Best Air Purifiers For Pregnancy Based On Research [2022] 6

Our rating

The Winix HR900 Air Purifier is a next-generation purifier with a True HEPA filtration that captures 99.97% of contaminants. It traps allergens, pet dander, dust, and others as small as 0.3 microns. 

By removing these airborne contaminants, the purifier reduces the chances of health issues. In fact, it prevents respiratory infections from keeping you healthy.

It has an air quality indicator where the LED light changes in real-time based on air quality. For example, if the sensors detect a high level of airborne pollutants, it turns red, but if there are no pollutants in the air, it turns blue. 

When you set auto mode, the unit will adjust the fan speed in real-time to trap and remove airborne pollutants. Not only does the purifier refresh stale air, but it safeguards you and your family from airborne illnesses.

At night, when the room is dark, the purifier automatically activates sleep mode. This ensures the purifiers clean the air while running whisper quiet. It also consumes less energy. This saves you money on your monthly power bills.

What We Liked

✅ Energy-star certified

✅ AHAM verified

✅ Sleek design

✅ Ultra-quiet

✅ Touch screen control panel

What We Did Not Like

❌ Slightly heavy

6. Austin Air HealthMate Standard Air Purifier (B400B1)

7 Best Air Purifiers For Pregnancy Based On Research [2022] 7

Our rating

Get the Austin Air HealthMate Standard Air Purifier for everyday protection. It comes with a 4 stage filtration system capable of trapping 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

In doing so, it ensures you and your family breathe clean, fresh air.

It has a 360-degree air intake system that draws unfiltered air from all sides. It then passes the unfiltered air through the filtration system before distributing clean air in the home.

This helps to reduce sneezing, wheezing, coughing, dry mouth, and runny mouth.

The air purifier has a sleek design and caster wheels. As such, it enhances the look of your home, and you can position it anywhere in your rooms.

This is thanks to the caster wheels that allow you to move the unit from room to room with ease.

What We Liked

✅ Simple and elegant design

✅ Easy to use dial

✅ Has a 360-degree air intake

✅ Comes with caster wheels for mobility

✅ Available in black

What We Did Not Like

❌ Has no particle sensors


7 Best Air Purifiers For Pregnancy Based On Research [2022] 8

Our rating

Purify your air with the HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier. This smart air purifier comes with a 5 in 1 filtration system.

It traps 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Such particles include pet dander, smoke, odors, dust, pollen, and allergens. 

By cleaning the air, it lessens asthma attacks and nighttime allergies.

It has smart air quality sensors that detect airborne pollutants in real-time. If the sensors detect high levels of pollutants in the air, the unit adjusts the fan speed in real-time.

This prompts the air purifier to trap pollutants, reducing dry mouth, running nose, coughing and sneezing.

The air purifier has a built-in anion ionizer. It works by ionizing odors and other pollutants in the air. The heavy particles then fall to the ground, where you can vacuum them with ease.

What We Liked

✅ Sleek design

✅ Has smart particle sensors

✅ Adjusts fan speed in real-time

✅ Energy efficient

✅ Ideal for medium-sized rooms

What We Did Not Like

❌ Has no child lock

Final Words

Air purifiers work best in contiguous spaces. So, if you want to clean the kitchen and living room, it’s best to get air purifiers for each room. 

Alternatively, you can buy one with caster wheels and handles. This makes it easy for you to move the unit from room to room. 

Remember, keep the windows and doors closed when running the air purifiers. An open door or window can draw in unfiltered air faster than your air purifier can clean it.

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