The What, How & Why of a Long Distance Parenting Plan.

Here at, the aim is to build up a complete resource on parenting and education issues or problems. So far, I have created a lot of articles about education for young children, but this article shifts the focus to long distance parenting, long distance parenting plan formulation and long distance visitation schedules. I would … Read more

Value your child’s work!

Have you you ever seen this happen? Child exits school and is greeted by parent. Child says “look what I did today” enthusiastically thrusting paper forward! Parent squints at the picture in question and says “doesn’t look like much!!”. I think you get the idea, right? When a young child first starts drawing or representing … Read more

Welcome to Best Case Parenting!!

I have been meaning to get around to blogging for quite a while! Alas, time is a finite resource and, all too often, I don’t have enough of it! So, what’s my plan? Good point! Well…..funny you should ask. I have been an Early Childhood teacher for 12 years. In my humble opinion, over this … Read more