Best Car Toys for Toddlers!

best road trip toys for toddlers

​Carrying on the summer theme from yesterday (where we wrote this article about best summer toys), today we will be looking at the best car toys for toddlers. This summer, when you go for those longer car trips (or road trips if you’re American), you might think first “What are the best car activities for … Read more

The What, How & Why of a Long Distance Parenting Plan.

Here at, the aim is to build up a complete resource on parenting and education issues or problems. So far, I have created a lot of articles about education for young children, but this article shifts the focus to long distance parenting, long distance parenting plan formulation and long distance visitation schedules. I would … Read more

Value your child’s work!

Have you you ever seen this happen? Child exits school and is greeted by parent. Child says “look what I did today” enthusiastically thrusting paper forward! Parent squints at the picture in question and says “doesn’t look like much!!”. I think you get the idea, right? When a young child first starts drawing or representing … Read more

Welcome to Best Case Parenting!!

I have been meaning to get around to blogging for quite a while! Alas, time is a finite resource and, all too often, I don’t have enough of it! So, what’s my plan? Good point! Well…..funny you should ask. I have been an Early Childhood teacher for 12 years. In my humble opinion, over this … Read more