Baby Bjorn Bassinet Vs Halo Review: Results Revealed

» Baby Bjorn Bassinet Vs Halo Review: Results Revealed [2022]

The BabyBjorn Bassinet and the Halo Bassinet both have a lot to love. They are both well-crafted and come with a sort of appeal that is marketed towards a specific customer.

The major difference between these two is the BabBjorn bassinets are more in line with traditional cradles and lack the innovations you will find in Halo’s Luxe.

While the Halo targets the tech-savvy consumer, the BabyBjorn is more classical.

That doesn’t mean that the BabyBjorn is bad—not by any means. It’s a matter of what it offers as far as features and innovations, which isn’t much compared to the Halo series of bassinets.

Baby Bjorn Bassinet Vs Halo – How We Wil Compare Them

Comparing the BabyBjorn, and the Halo boils down to their unique features.

The Halo has many convenient benefits, while the BabyBjorn is a more standard cradle with premium materials. These features include the following:

  • Weight limits
  • Adjustability
  • Sound production
  • Vibration
  • Motion
  • Water resistance
  • Canopy
  • Overview of both

It’s not the fairest comparison in the world since the BabyBjorn cradle is the very definition of a cradle and not a bassinet.

But BabyBjorn still seems like a work of true craftsmanship rather than something that just came off an assembly line.

The Halo Luxe series comes with many high-tech features and falls more in line with what one would consider a bassinet.

Cradles are more sturdy than bassinets. The BabyBjorn fits into that category better.

It’s good to get to know the manufacturers as well because reputation means a lot in this line of business, especially when it comes to taking care of babies.

BabyBjorn and Halo Manufacturers

BabyBjorn is Scandinavian and has been in business since the 1960s.

If there is one thing that BabyBjorn prides itself in, it’s the premium quality of the components that go into their bassinets or cradles.

Unfortunately, that also means paying a premium price for the luxury of owning one. BabyBjorn also manufactures far more than just bassinets.

BabyBjorn also produces and sells travel cribs, potty chairs, high chairs, food products, and baby carriers.

Halo sticks almost exclusively to bassinets. Their major products are the Halo Flex, Halo 3.0, Halo Premiere, and Halo Luxe.

Halo got its start from a tragic event, as the founder’s child died from SIDS.

Instead of falling into grief and despair, the family banded together to form Halo.

They wanted to provide smart and technologically superior bassinets for the consumers who need them.

Both companies have their high points, and both develop premium products.

While Halo products are far more technological, BabyBjorn products feature a level of craftsmanship and material that Halo lacks.

BabyBjorn Overview

What separates this cradle from many others on the market is the stylish and modern aesthetics that the designers focused on.

It’s not a big tub of plastic with bars and a mechanism for rocking it back and forth.

It’s popular because it does what it does very well. It’s long-lasting, highly durable, and has a modern aesthetic appeal for most consumers.

BabyBjorn went for a classic look with a modern style, and the two dynamics don’t clash. Instead, they compliment each other.

The materials that go into the construction of a BabyBjorn cradle are premium.

You won’t find any cheap, screw-together pieces that start stripping their threads and coming apart in a few months.

Since the BabyBjorn is a Scandinavian product, it has a Scandinavian style to it, which may or may not be appealing to US consumers, mostly because the style isn’t something they’re used to.

There’s no denying that it looks nice and it’s a highly functional cradle.

The BabyBjorn cradle frequently finds itself at the top of the list in terms of beauty and appeal.

The best thing about having a classic look with a touch of modernity is that it fits well inside most homes, regardless of your interior decor.

The cradle itself is almost entirely a mesh design that’s made from all-organic materials, so no worries about skin reactions here.

The mesh material resists staining very well and is easy to remove for a quick wash.

It’s very lightweight so you won’t have any problems moving it around your home.

Thanks to the portability, the BabyBjorn is also easier to pack up and take with you if you are going to visit family or want to go on vacation for a while.

  • Expensive, despite its minimalist design.
  • Lacks modern features such as vibration and auto-motion.
  • Can only hold up to 17lbs

Overview of Halo Bassinets

Halo bassinets are different animals entirely, featuring a loaded set of convenience options. Plus, there are more of them to choose from.

These are largely considered to be “smart” bassinets in that there are apps and automation that you can use in combination with them.

If you happen to have a smart home or a smart home in the making, a Halo bassinet is right up your alley.

Halo bassinets all feature 360° rotation so you can swivel it around to check on that tiny, sleeping face, or swivel it the other way while the baby is sleeping.

Like the BabyBjorn, the cradle portion is a white mesh design so there is plenty of breathabilities below and to the sides.

No matter how much you like to swivel it back and forth, the base remains solid. Halo Bassinets also hold more weight, rated at 21lbs.

It also comes with vibration capabilities, auto-rocking motions, night lights, and storage pockets for everything your baby needs.

Also, like the BabyBjorn, Halo Bassinets are JPMA certified.

When purchasing a Halo, you also get a full set of fitted sheets, and it is perfectly suited as a co-sleeper.

If you prefer to have more tech and love the idea of innovative conveniences, you will have trouble finding something better than a Halo bassinet.

Another advantage that it has over the BabyBjorn is that it is less expensive, yet the Halo is loaded with features that the BabyBjorn lacks.

Much of the differences are simple things as well, such as the fact that the Halo Luxe series of bassinets features detachable beds.

It’s hard to argue with the premium, classic, yet modern look of the BabyBjorn but the Halo certainly doesn’t lack in this department, even if it has more of a curvy and large design.

The Halo also features several different adjustment methods, which is something you learn to appreciate rather quickly.

  • 360° Rotation Bed is removable.
  • Very sturdy base Features motion, vibrations, and night lights.
  • JPMA Certified Includes fitted sheets Includes storage pockets.
  • Mesh walls with a high degree of breathability.
  • Perfect for co-sleeping.
  • Much heavier than the BabyBjorn and nowhere near as portable.
  • The night light is aggravating for some.

Halo Bassinets or BabyBjorn Cradles

Now that you know the major differences between these two brands, it’s easy to see where their focuses lie.

Halo is all about creating new and innovative technology in their bassinets, while BabyBjorn has a more standard approach that uses the highest quality components on the market.

Ultimately, the price of quality components is far higher than the price of technological innovations, so you will often find that BabyBjorn cradles are much more expensive than their Halo counterparts.

There is little doubting that each will have its hardcore customers. It boils down to a choice between intricate technology and classic but sturdy appeal.

Weight Limitations1721
Quality MaterialsVery High-QualityModerate
White Noise/SoundsYesYes
AdjustableAdjustable HeightAdjustable Height

In terms of pure aesthetics, it’s hard to argue with the BabyBjorn, however, a brand new BabyBjorn cradle will run you about $320 to $340 while Halo’s Bassinets are cheaper, between $220 and $290.

That’s enough of a difference between the two that it might change some minds.

The Halo looks nice, but it simply can’t match the Babybjorn when it comes to looks and the overall quality of materials.

While the Halo appears in many top lists for best cradles or bassinets, it’s never usually up there in terms of premium components or looks.

The Babybjorn is frequently adored for its appearance, often selling online just based on how it looks.

The only thing that may hold it back in the minds of some is that it is not a leap forward in innovative technology.

Conclusion: Which is Better, The Halo or the BabyBjorn?

If you are into technology and appreciate the appeal of the conveniences it provides, then you will prefer what Halo has to offer.

If you like form over function, the Babybjorn cradle is superior.

Both brands are marketed toward different groups, and neither one is technically inferior to the other.

If you take the consumer out of the picture, the Halo probably has the edge because it is cheaper, has more tech, and is more convenient for most customers.

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