best road trip toys for toddlers

Best Car Toys for Toddlers!

​Carrying on the summer theme from yesterday (where we wrote this article about best summer toys), today we will be looking at the best car toys for toddlers. This summer, when you go for those longer car trips (or road trips if you’re American), you might think first “What are the best car activities for toddlers?”

Hopefully, this article will answer that or at least give you some ideas!

​DMoose Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray

That’s quite a mouthful, right! This is not technically a toy, but I am laying the foundation for epic and peaceful car trips this summer.

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 1Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 2

​You can’t start thinking about the best car activities for toddlers or best car toys for toddlers, until you have a solid base (or tray) to start with.

​This product is effectively a tray that will strap around the car seat and provide a solid surface for your child to play on in the car.

This would also work on an aeroplane seat, so would be handy in that situation too.

The thing is, when you use this, you don’t have to worry about small pieces falling on the floor of your car as much. This means you can choose a wider variety of toys from home to use in the car.

This is a great idea, and I wish they had these when I was a kid!!​

Fancy Mobility Car Backseat Organizer

Following on the idea of building a base to allow more cool car toys for toddlers this summer, I bring you the backseat organiser.

No, this is not a person that sits in the back seat of your car and offers to organise things!

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 3Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 4

As you can see, this is a storage system that straps to the back of your car seat. This is great, because it allows you to have many toys and resources easily on hand for your child. 

There are a lot of different designs out there, but I liked this one because it didn’t seem too fussy. Some of the others are trying to cram too many pockets into a small space! As a bonus, this one also comes with a car visor organiser, which is a nice touch.

BUCKLE TOY “Bentley” Caterpillar

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 5Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 6

​It may be hard to see from this particular picture, but this caterpillar has many different straps and buckles on it’s back. 

These toys are an important part of a young child’s motor development, as they learn how to operate these buckles and straps.

I chose this particular version, because it comes in the form of a cute caterpillar character.

I think this will really add to the appeal, as your child can pretend they are helping the character with the fasteners.

Most of the others are quite plain, often just a square shape with fasteners and buckles hanging off. This gives more of the impression of opening and closing these fasteners for no apparent reason! Meaning is always important to a child!!

Premium Bead Maze Activity Cube

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 7Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 8

​This is another great tool to help your child with fine motor skill development. This particular product has suction cups on the bottom, making it great for in car use. It is also small enough to be used in a car situation.

​This is a bit of a classic toy really, I can even remember having one as a child too. One of the earliest forms of puzzle solving, right here!

This is not all though! Stick around to add to the list of “best road trip toys for toddlers!”

( I feel all American after saying that).

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

When thinking about the best car toys for toddlers, why not consider a set of plastic eggs!!

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 9Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 10

​Of course, these are not just any old plastic eggs! These are matching plastic eggs. Your child will have great fun (hopefully) matching up egg halves to the correct other halve. This is aided by colour coding and each egg having a different number of pins and holes.

This product comes in a handy plastic egg box, so is great for use in the car.

Travel Busy Board Toddler Toy

This product has a rather long name, but if you can get past that you will find one example of really cool car toys for toddlers.

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 11Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 12

​A bit like the caterpillar toy above, this busy board is designed to help improve and develop fine motor skills.

The board features a variety of latches, zips, rollers and wooden doors. Most children will have “a ball” interacting with all those things.

What I like about this product is it involves natural and real materials, leading to a much more authentic and realistic experience for your child.

We have a habit of making products that are so “child friendly” that they loose some of there real meaning to the child. We always want our children to connect their experiences to the real world where possible.

​Of course, we need to have some safety features in mind when making a car toy for a toddler, but some products take it too far!

This product is also a nice size to fit inside a car, perfect for long journeys or epic road trips!

Learning Resources Build & Spin

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 13Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 14

​As you can see, this is the farm friends variety of a build and spin board. This board has several cogs fronted by farm animals. Your child can then place them on the board however they wish and attempt to make a spinning picture.

You may think this is simple, but it is a great educational toy and many young children will love it.

As a bonus, it also fits nicely into a car or other moving vehicle!!

NextX Magnetic Drawing Board

Of course you can take regular paper and pencils with you on a road trip, and I highly recommend you do that.

However, sometimes it is nice to change it up and include other drawing tools that encourage your child to mark make and scribble.

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 15Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 16

​There are a lot of different variations of this product, but I found a lot of them gimmicky and lacking quality. This product is different, and has the build quality that should stand up to more rough treatment from your child.

I also like the bigger size, giving a young child a bit more room to express themselves. Toddlers do often need more space to make those big movements ​we want them to practice.

When the paper runs out, this is a great option!

First 100 Trucks: And Things That Go

​Looking at picture books can be some of the best car activities for toddlers. This book is a great example of a book to use on a road trip.

Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 17Best Car Toys for Toddlers! 18

Not only is it a bright and well illustrated book to capture your child’s imagination. But, it’s about transport!

This means you can use it to play a simple game of “spot the fire engine” whilst on your journey.

This book is a good size to take on a car and, being a board book, is very durable when out and about.

That’s the end of our summer inspired list of best car toys for toddlers. Hopefully, you will have a long and fun summer with your child, and long car journeys will be made that little bit smoother.

Of course, this is not a definitive list, so we would love to hear from you!

What ​are your best road trip toys for toddlers? How do you choose cool car toys for toddlers? (I maybe shouldn’t say “cool” anymore!!).

We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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