Can You Drink Premier Protein Shakes While Pregnant

Can You Drink Premier Protein Shakes While Pregnant?

These days, it’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t have a busy schedule, and moms-to-be are certainly no exception. 

You’re running errands, working, getting things done, and doing it all while growing another human.

It doesn’t get much busier than that, and getting some nutrition on the go sounds great.

One easy way to do that is with protein shakes, but you might be wondering if they’re safe to drink while pregnant.

One of the most recognized protein shake brands is Premier Protein, and their products are pretty popular.

Their shakes come in a variety of flavors, they’re easy to find, and they’re relatively affordable.


Can you drink Premier Protein shakes while pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, it’s typically safe to drink high-quality protein drinks like Premier Protein, in moderation.

The majority of your protein should come from a variety of wholesome and nutritious foods.

Premier Protein shakes are convenient, relatively inexpensive, contain a decent amount of protein, and are low in sugar.

However, they’re also highly processed, use artificial ingredients, contain a surprising amount of sodium, and will never be as good as real food.

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If you’re looking for a nutritious snack or meal replacement while pregnant, consider these whole foods options instead of protein shakes:

  • A hard-boiled egg
  • A slice of cheese on whole-grain crackers
  • A small handful of nuts
  • A cup of yogurt
  • A fruit and veggie smoothie made with real fruits and vegetables, yogurt, and a little bit of honey or 100% fruit juice.

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Benefits of Premier Protein Drinks While Pregnant

Now that you’re eating for two (or more), it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients.

Protein is essential for fetal growth, and Premier Protein drinks can help you get the protein you need.

Each drink has 30 grams of protein, as well as 24 vitamins and minerals.

Plus, they’re low in sugar and calories, so you can drink them guilt-free.

And studies have shown that pregnant women who consume adequate amounts of protein are less likely to experience pre-term labor, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes.

Some of the benefits of drinking Premier Protein are:

  • They’re a quick and easy way to get protein
  • They help you meet your daily protein needs
  • They contain other important nutrients like vitamins and minerals
  • They’re low in sugar and calories

Potential Risks of Drinking Premier Protein While Pregnant

While drinking Premier Protein shakes while pregnant is generally safe, there are a few things to be aware of.

First, as with any processed food, there are always potential risks associated with consuming too much.

And while the artificial sweeteners in Premier Protein are FDA-approved, some research has linked them to adverse health effects like headaches, weight gain, and gastrointestinal problems.

So it’s important to moderate your intake and always check with your doctor before consuming any protein shakes while pregnant.

Another thing to be aware of is the sodium content in Premier Protein shakes.

Each shake has 180mg of sodium, which is 8% of the recommended daily limit for pregnant women.

So if you’re drinking more than once per day, or if you’re also eating a lot of salty foods, you could be at risk for developing high blood pressure.

3 Best Premier Protein Shake Alternative For Pregnant Women

Premier Protein is a good choice, but there are better choices for you if you are pregnant. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:

Baby Booster Protein Shake For Pregnant Women

Baby Booster Prenatal Protein Shake (Most Recommended)

The Baby Booster drink is exactly what new and expecting mothers need.

Designed by an OBGYN, this delicious shake includes things like iron for building red blood cells which can’t do their job without it; folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects (a major cause of pregnancy loss).

It also has vitamin D because mommy-toes won’t be able to get enough sun if they’re stuck inside all day long!

Quality: Baby Booster is a high-quality protein shake that contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. It’s also GMO-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Taste: They have three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. All three flavors taste great and mix well with milk or water.

Protein Amount: Each serving has 20 grams of protein, which is perfect for a quick snack or meal replacement.

Price: At $37.95 for a pound, Baby Booster is one of the more expensive shakes on this list.

But it’s worth it for the quality and nutrition you’re getting. It was designed specifically for expectant mothers.

Orgain Protein Shake For Pregnant Women

Orgain Organic Nutrition Shake (Best Organic Option)

The Orgain Organic Nutrition shake is a great choice for pregnant women who are looking for a high-quality, all-natural protein shake.

Quality: It’s made with organic ingredients, with fiber from 100% whole grains, this tasty drink will keep you full longer so that it’s easier for the body’s metabolism system to do its job.

It’s also GMO-free, and gluten-free.

And since there are no artificial flavors or preservatives added – just fresh fruits & vegetables you can enjoy each sip without worrying about anything else getting between what matters most: nutrition.

Taste: Orgain shakes come in six different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream, mocha, peanut butter, and strawberry.

All of the flavors taste great, but chocolate and vanilla are our favorites.

Protein Amount: Each serving has 26 grams of grass-fed protein, which is a good amount for a meal replacement or snack.

Grass-fed protein is a high-quality protein source that’s easily digestible.

Price: Orgain shakes are very reasonably priced at $26.99 for 12 ready-to-drink bottles.

Evolve Protein Shake For Pregnant Women

Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake (Best Dairy-Free Option)

Choose your own adventure with Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake! Double up on the chocolate, or go sans-might for a more subtle flavor.

This is a great option for those of us that are dairy intolerant or have babies that have milk allergies.

Quality: The quality is fantastic as this drink is made with organic ingredients and doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Each ingredient is GMO-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Taste: They have three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. All three flavors taste great and mix well with almond milk or water.

Protein Amount: You’ll get 20g of vegan proteins and 10 grams each day’s worth of fiber in this delicious drink that’s dairy-free but doesn’t sacrifice taste–it even has nonartificial sweeteners so no need to worry about those side effects.

Price: At $24.17 for 12 bottles, this is the most affordable option on our list and it does not sacrifice quality.

While all of these shakes are great for pregnant women, we believe that the Baby Booster Prenatal Protein Shake is the best option.

It’s specifically designed for expectant mothers and contains everything they need for a nutritious drink. Plus, it tastes great and is reasonably priced.

How Much Protein Do I Need When I’m Pregnant?

The Journal of Nutrition recommends pregnant women get an increased amount of protein during the early and late terms of their pregnancy.

The average unpregnant female needs roughly 0.88 kg of protein per pound of body weight.

But according to the report, this number increases to 1.22 kg of protein per pound of body weight during early-term gestation and 1.52 kg during late-term gestation.

This means that a woman who weighed 160 pounds prior to pregnancy would need approximately 48 grams of protein during early-term gestation and 60 grams during late-term gestation.

While this may not seem like a lot, it’s important to remember that the quality of protein is just as important as the quantity.

Pregnant women should focus on getting high-quality protein from a variety of sources, including lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Are Premier Protein Shakes a Good Source of Protein for Pregnant Women?

It’s not hard to find a protein shake these days. Tons of different flavors and brands flood supermarket shelves and health stores.

But like any other product, not all protein shakes are created equal.

It’s essential to choose high-quality protein drinks if you need to supplement your nutritional intake, especially if you’re pregnant.

Low-quality shakes can include a lot of fillers, added sugar, and questionable ingredients that don’t do anyone any good.

So, you certainly don’t want to expose your unborn fetus to these substances.

Also, the vital word here is supplement. First and foremost, you should get the nutrients you need from healthy food choices.

But if you’re struggling to meet your daily protein needs, or you have a super busy day here and there, a protein shake can help fill the gap.

A Premier Protein shake has 30 grams of protein and just 1 gram of sugar with no added sugars.

To make up for the low sugar content, Premier Protein uses an artificial sweetener called sucralose in its shakes.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, sucralose is safe for pregnant women.

What Is The Best Way To Take Premier Protein Shakes?

You can always drink Premier Protein Shakes straight from the bottle, but if you want to mix things up a bit, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy them.

Here are a few creative ideas:

  • Mix with almond milk or oat milk for a creamy shake.
  • Add a banana or other fruit for added sweetness and nutrition.
  • Use as a base for a smoothie by adding your favorite fruits and vegetables.
  • Mix with coffee for a morning pick-me-up.

During the summer, my favorite way to drink a protein shake is by freezing it and turning it into a delicious and refreshing protein shake popsicle!

Does Premier Protein Offer Any Other Products That Might Be Helpful for Pregnant Women?

In addition to their shakes, Premier Protein also offers a few other products that might be helpful for pregnant women.

For example, they have a line of bars that are high in protein and low in sugar.

These bars can be a great snack option for pregnant women who are on the go and need a quick and easy way to get some extra protein.

Premier Protein also offers oatmeal and powder that can be added to shakes or other foods to increase the protein content.

Pregnant women need more protein than the average person, but that doesn’t mean they should rely on supplements as their sole source of nutrition.

A healthy diet that includes a variety of protein-rich foods is the best way to meet your needs.

However, if you find yourself struggling to get enough protein, Premier Protein products can be a safe and convenient way to boost your intake.

A Final Look at Whether Premier Protein Shakes Are Safe While Pregnant

The biggest takeaway is you should get most of your protein from healthy protein-rich foods.

Most women will be able to meet their protein needs through their regular diet with no problem. 

However, if you are struggling to get enough protein to meet the increased requirements while pregnant, a high-quality protein shake can help.

But don’t make a habit of it. Use protein shakes sparingly and only as a supplement to your regular diet, not as a replacement. 

Also, before drinking any type of protein drink, it’s wise to take the product or a copy of the ingredient label to your doctor to get the definitive all-clear.

Look at the alternative options we presented in the article as well since they might be healthier options.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please seek professional medical help.

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