My Child Yawns all the Time! Should I be Worried?

My Child Yawns all the Time image

Do you notice your child yawning more than usual? Are you worried there might be some underlying causes causing this yawning? The short answer is: In most cases, you have nothing to worry about. Your child is likely tired, overheated, or fatigued in some way. Get them plenty of rest, and if the problem persists, … Read more

Why Does My Child Pee in Weird Places?

Why does my child pee in weird places?

Let’s be honest — you probably never thought that you’d be researching this topic. We all know that raising children can be challenging and that kids do things that can seem crazy to us as adults, but “peeing in weird places” is a category unto itself and not exactly a fun one. We all know … Read more

Why Does My Child Only Wear One Sock?

Why does my child only wear one sock?

Children are a bundle of oddities. They do all manner of different things that are an absolute mystery to everyone but themselves, and there are few better examples of that than children who choose to wear only one sock. Strange? Yes. Oddly specific? Absolutely. But whether it’s a simple quirk or a sign of something … Read more

Why Does My Child Line up Their Toys?

Why does my child line up their toys?

Children are filled with idiosyncrasies, any number of which can be mystifying and maddening to parents. You may have no idea why your child does the things they do and the truth is that they themselves may not know. Case in point, children putting their toys in a line. There are any number of reasons … Read more

Why Are My Child’s Teeth Yellow?

Why are my child's teeth yellow?

Few things are more important to the long-term health and wellbeing of your child than their dental hygiene. If that sounds crazy, consider the fact that oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and non-dental conditions ranging from cavities and gum disease to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. That combined with the unsightly … Read more

Why Does My Child Draw on Himself?

why does my child draw on themselves?

Kids love to color, and they aren’t picky about how, when, or where they do it. On the one hand, you want your child to grow up imaginative and expressive, and allowing them time to color is one of the best ways to foster those ideas. What’s more, coloring can help teach children everything from … Read more

Vooks Review – Online Book Streaming for Kids!

Vooks review.

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting and to another one of our reviews. Today we are reviewing Vooks, a new streaming service for children that is booming in popularity! What is Vooks? Vooks is an online book streaming service designed for children. Most of our reading as adults is going online through ebooks and apps … Read more

LillyPost Review

Lillypost review.

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting, today we are looking at a subscription box that a lot of parents are raving about. This service is called LillyPost and aims to give you children’s books straight to your mailbox! As always with reviews, the million dollar question remains ‘is it any good?’. If you have been … Read more

Proximal vs Distal parenting: What’s the difference?

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting. Today we are delving back into some parenting styles that are commonly talked about. If you have heard about Proximal and Distal parenting, but don’t know what they are, read on 🙂 Research into the kinds of parenting that produce successful offspring often looks at the past to discover … Read more