Gender Fluid Parenting. What does it mean? Should I do it?

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting. I have noticed a real interest or buzz in parenting circles about the idea of gender fluid or gender neutral parenting. There have been a few viral videos on Youtube, for example. It seems, interest is really starting to gather pace. If you want to know about gender fluid … Read more

Positive Parenting Solutions Review – A positive parenting toolbox for Families!

​Here at Best Case Parenting, our whole aim is to give busy parents tips and support that will make parenting easier and more manageable. In my professional life, I have seen many parents that struggle to find solutions to many parenting problems. The problem is, this website only has snippets of information. These snippets are … Read more

Authoritarian vs Authoritative Parenting: What’s the difference?

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting. Today, we are going to compare two styles of parenting. Today, we are looking at authoritarian vs authoritative parenting. This article aims to show you the differences between these parenting styles and help you make an educated decision on which may be best for you. I have done separate … Read more

Taking a look at the Authoritarian Style of Parenting

This week we have been doing a series on parenting styles. Yesterday, we looked at the permissive style of parenting. Today, we will look at another style of parenting that is called authoritarian parenting. In this article we will look at an authoritarian parenting definition, show an example of authoritarian parenting and even talk about the … Read more

The Permissive Style of Parenting. Does it work well?

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The What, How & Why of a Long Distance Parenting Plan.

Here at, the aim is to build up a complete resource on parenting and education issues or problems. So far, I have created a lot of articles about education for young children, but this article shifts the focus to long distance parenting, long distance parenting plan formulation and long distance visitation schedules. I would … Read more