Taking a look at the Authoritarian Style of Parenting

This week we have been doing a series on parenting styles. Yesterday, we looked at the permissive style of parenting. Today, we will look at another style of parenting that is called authoritarian parenting. In this article we will look at an authoritarian parenting definition, show an example of authoritarian parenting and even talk about the … Read more

The Permissive Style of Parenting. Does it work well?

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting. So far on this site, we have looked at one parenting style, positive parenting. You can read that article HERE. Today, we will look at another parenting style, permissive parenting. This article aims to spell out a clear permissive parenting definition. Also, we will give permissive parenting examples and talk … Read more

Best Car Toys for Toddlers!

best road trip toys for toddlers

​Carrying on the summer theme from yesterday (where we wrote this article about best summer toys), today we will be looking at the best car toys for toddlers. This summer, when you go for those longer car trips (or road trips if you’re American), you might think first “What are the best car activities for … Read more