My Child Cant Draw! What Should I do?

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting. A lot of the articles on this website are inspired by actual conversations or experiences I have had in my professional life. Today, I want to discuss the problem of “my child can’t draw, what should I do?” The short answer to this is…. children are all different and … Read more

Best Construction Toys for Children!

​Todays article is talking about a subject close to my heart…construction toys for children! These toys are ones that allow young children to build and create. Giving our children access to a variety of construction toys will be a great way to stimulate creativity and critical thinking. When a child builds, they are thinking through … Read more

Osmo Creative kit Review

Welcome to our Osmo Creative kit review. On Best Case Parenting, we are always on the look out for innovative new products to make learning fun for young children. As soon as I saw this particular product, I could see it would make a good candidate for coverage on the site. I have seen a … Read more

Value your child’s work!

Have you you ever seen this happen? Child exits school and is greeted by parent. Child says “look what I did today” enthusiastically thrusting paper forward! Parent squints at the picture in question and says “doesn’t look like much!!”. I think you get the idea, right? When a young child first starts drawing or representing … Read more