Tiny Polka Dot Review: Make Math Fun!

On this blog, as well as giving tips about parenting young children, I want to highlight some outstanding products that can help with that. Tiny Polka Dot is a product that has impressed me right from the start, and I simply had to include it. For the quick review, I will say that this Tiny … Read more

Prepare your Child for STEM learning! Tips for Parents!

Welcome to another parenting article on Best Case Parenting. Today, we will be looking at the idea of STEM learning, and how you can support your children in this area. What is STEM? Unless you have spent some time in educational circles, you may not even know what the term STEM means! It is an … Read more

How to Make Math Fun? Match It!(Counting) Edition

help your kids with math!!

​Welcome back to another Best Case Parenting article. This one is related to “How to make math fun?”, which is a key question when thinking about preschool math! This article is designed to inspire parents to think of creative ways to teach their child math. In this digital age, a lot of parents will probably … Read more