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Cool New Stories for Kids in December!

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting. I realised that I haven’t looked at recently released children’s books in a while, something I would like to do on a more regular basis (if I can ever find the time!).

​Books play an important part of a young child’s upbringing. They can be a source of fun or inspiration, among other things. Helping a child build up a bank of cool books will also encourage a love of reading in them.

Hopefully, you can find something here your child is interested in!

The ABCs of Investment Banking (Very Young Professionals)

Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 1Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 2

​We are starting off with a really fun book, which is an ABC style book for children. However, unlike most ABC books, it is based around the topic of investment banking!

​​​The humour in this book is outstanding, and will ​help adults and children laugh together. I like the way ​this book is also introducing a grown up topic (in a fun way) to young children.

Some parents may worry that their child won’t understand everything in the book. But I am a big advocate of not dumbing down what you say to a child too much. You would be surprised what they can understand with time. And as they get older, their understanding and appreciation of the book will continue to grow!

What a great book this is, and it makes me want to check out other books in this series!

Pete the Cat’s World Tour!

Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 3Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 4

The next book on our list is also part of a series written by James Dean, apparently a New York Times best selling author and illustrator! I must confess to not knowing about this series of books beforehand, but this book has brought them to my attention.

In this book, Pete the cat goes on a tour with his band. As they play to their fans around the world, they are also going on a culinary tour! This books stands out as being a fun way for young children to learn about food from around the world.

I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book, which have a hand drawn look to them.

​A Flicker of Hope

Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 5Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 6

Books can be great tools to deliver important messages to children. The discussion that might arise from books can be great starting points if there are tricky subject matters you want to tackle.

This book does a great job of delivering it’s message in a cute and uplifting way. That message is one of hope and encouragement for a child who may be feeling down.

Even young children may come up against problems which they perceive as big (even if adults don’t always see this). A Flicker of Hope can offer a ray of light to such situations, helping that child understand all is not lost.

It is important that your child has a well rounded library of books at home, and this one would certainly help you achieve that!

Little Owl’s Snow

Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 7Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 8

At this time of year, it is great to see a nice wintry themed book being released. Little Owl’s snow highlights the changing of seasons through the eyes of a baby owl.

This book has a really unique art style, which helps the illustrations to really stand out! I love the bright colours and generally vibrant art style.

Children should learn to love the wonder of winter, something this book encapsulates wonderfully!

I Love you, Little Pookie

Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 9Cool New Stories for Kids in December! 10

​Last, but not least, we have this adorable book. I Love You, Pookie comes from Sandra Boynton, a veteran of over sixty children’s books! It tells a simple but heartfelt tale of how a Mom will always look her offspring. A great way to let your child know that, even though they are far from perfect, you will always be there for them. This is a book that both parent and child would enjoy, as a celebration of that special bond between child and parent.

This book has it’s main focus on the beautiful illustrations, meaning that it’s simple dialogue would be great for early readers too!

Well, that’s my round up for December’s newly released children’s books! What a great mix of books! I sincerely hope I get to do these more often, if only I didn’t have so many other articles to write!! 🙂

​If you have read your child any great books recently, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below!

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