Best in childrens books for June!

Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition)

I recently did an article talking about my best stories for kids. That article was more about books that I have regularly turned to down the years. Essential preschool childrens books! My idea of the best in childrens books!

​However, there are cool new​ stories for kids coming out all the time, so I wanted to do a sneak peek and highlight some I like the look of!

Maybe, I can do this regularly depending on other time commitments!

Books are such an important part of an early child’s life! If we can encourage a love of books in our children, the process of reading and writing will run so much smoother!! (among many other benefits)

​Book 1: Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan

​Story books can still be such a great creative tool to stimulate a child’s imagination. This particular book highlights why this is exactly!

You only have to look at the book cover, to get the idea that this book will whisk you away into a wonderful world of make believe.

The illustrations in this book are truelly epic in nature. For example, there is a scene when the main character in the book is sailing across an ocean filled with jellyfish and other wonders of the sea. The top down nature of this illustration really shows off the grandness of the situation. These illustrations will definetly captvivate most young children, something books can still do in 2018! It’s not only tablets and Ipads that are capable 🙂

Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 1Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 2

The story is about a child remembering stories told by his late grandfather. Amazing stories about the ocean. This is what leads to the child embarking on an epic adventure in his boat, across the ocean waves!

​This books screams to me that it will be a future classic! 

​Book 2: How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk

Coding with kids is a big thing right now. There are literally coding products coming out of my ears right now! I have recently reviewed the Osmo Genius Kit, for example. Osmo have some interesting addons for this based around coding, that I want to get around to reviewing one day!!

Anyway, onto the book. The age rage that the book creators state is from 4-8 years old. I would agree with this, as it may be too advanced for some of the youngest children.

The book centres around a young girl who goes to the beach with her robot. She wants to make a sandcastle, but her robot doesn’t know how. The book uses this situation to talk about what coding is and work through the process of coding this robot to understand building sandcastles. Even talking about coding loops!

Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 3Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 4

​This does seem a fun way to introduce coding to children, so kudos to Josh Funk. I am sure with the current trend towards coding for kids, this book will be a great success!

Book 3: Pink is for Boys by Robb Pearlman

Having been an early years teacher for over ten years, I have seen a lot of children growing up with this idea that pink is only for girls etc. etc. Sometimes, I would wear a pink shirt to show the children that this is not always the case. However, It’s great to have a book that can  be used to highlight this point through the wonder of storytelling!

In this book, a wide variety of colours are gone through. Each colour is highlighted as one suitable for both girls and boys, with examples given.

I like the way it starts with the first two main culprits in this issue, pink and blue! Then, by cycling through other colours in the same way, it makes us wonder why some colours are assigned to gender and some are not! Why is this? Should it be like this? So, all in all, a great thought provoking book on the subject.

Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 5Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 6

The story in this book is quite simple and repetitive, so would make a great book even for toddlers. A perfect preschool childrens book in my eyes 🙂

Book 4: Unstoppable Me by Adam Dirks

We haven’t really seen a lot of good funny children’s books among the newly released stories for kids (that I have found anyway!)

​Books with a strong message are important too, and we have certainly had a lot of those recently!

Here is another one, called Unstoppable Me. You might be able to guess from the title, but this book is all about the importance of hard work and not giving up. The main character is a lion that can surf. He works hard on his surfing rain or shine, no matter what. Even if he keeps falling over!

Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 7Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 8

The illustrations seem a bit “old school” to me, but they still do the job just fine and will appeal to most kids!

It is really useful having a wide range of books to talk about work ethic and the art of not giving up with kids. This book adds another great option.

Again, the message is pretty simple, so would fit in well with other preschool childrens books.

Book 5: Made for Me by Zack Bush

This book has a great message about the importance of parenthood. The best stories for kids are the ones that help foster a broader understanding in a fun way.

The book shows the journey a father has, from his child being born and growing up. It really is a heart warming illustration of these events.

Reading this book to your child should really help them get an understanding of how you feel as parents and the love and joy​ a child brings to them. It would be a great parent – child bonding tool!​

Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 9Cool New Stories for Kids (June 2018 Edition) 10

​I have to say that I really enjoy the art style of this particular book. The parent is really exaggerated and over sized, which I feel really adds to the feeling of the effort that parents goes through raising their children. Hunching over the cot to send their child off to sleep, for example.

Another great preschool children’s book with another great message!

So, there you go! That’s my favourite stories for kids, that I could find! Preschool childrens books are so abundant these days it takes a while to dig thorugh them all! And, what happenned to all the funny children’s books? I couldn’t find any I liked, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist! If you have found any good and funny childrens books, please let us know!

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