Do Bassinets Come With Mattresses

Do Bassinets Come With Mattresses? Discover Which Ones Do!

The news of expecting labor brings smiles to a parent’s face. Most moms and dads have a list.

From making sure that their little one has their cozies ready, down to the right formula at home.

One important thing on that list would be a safe sleeping space for your newborn. A bassinet is a popular option to meet this task.

When thinking about a bassinet, the next big question would be, “Does it come with a mattress?“.

After all, a baby can’t lay on any rough, solid surface for a good night’s sleep. A baby’s comfortable sleep is not important for a newborn, but also for the parents.

Who needs more days of sleepless nights when you already have the big responsibility of being a new parent?

Now, back to our original question. 

Do Bassinets Come With Mattresses

If you have been wondering about this, you have arrived at the right page. And, there is good news for you.

The general answer to that question is; Yes! Most bassinets come paired with a mattress that meets the size and shape of a particular model.

What Is So Special About A Bassinet Mattress

A resourceful parent might be tempted to use any padding or mattress to replace the task of a bassinet mattress.

But, pay attention to this; a bassinet mattress is designed to fit snuggly into its frame.

The safety standard placed on the manufacturing of bassinet mattresses is strict. This is a protocol to ensure that a newborn is safe from sleeping hazards.

For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a bassinet mattress with a thickness of less than one and a half inches.

A firm mattress reduces the risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). When it comes to a bassinet mattress, flat and firm is the way to go!

So, now you have a bassinet checked on the list.

The next item checked on that list would be the bassinet mattress that comes with it.

Would you like to know some of our favorite bassinets with mattresses in the market? If you do, keep reading!

3 Favorite Bassinets With Mattresses for Your Newborn

1. Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

There is a reason why this bassinet that comes with a mattress tops the list on Amazon.

It meets the wants and needs of every parent on most aspects of a great bassinet. What we love most about the bassinet is its lightweight factor, weighing at 12.4lbs.

Despite weighing a little, it can accommodate a baby weighing up to 25lbs, so your little one will be wriggling in it for a while.

The easy weight also means the bassinet is highly portable!

The frame comes in a dimension of 35L x 19.5W x 37H inches, which offers a comfy and spacious space for deep sleep for your baby.

The bassinet is roomy enough for a newborn to stretch their legs and arms. Plus, if you are on the go, the folding feature offers a quick solution for a travel-friendly time.

Next, is the mattress. The bassinet arrives with a 1-inch-thick sleeping pad.

That meets the flame retardant rule of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

I find the mattress to be of the ideal thickness and firmness for my newborn, although opinions may vary.

But remember, flat and firm are the way to go for a bassinet mattress.

Overall, this bassinet has a compact design with a stylish double canopy feature. Best of all, this feature-packed bassinet comes at a very attractive price tag.

2. HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper 3.0

The following item on this list is perfect for moms with extra money to spare. At $219, the BassiNest 3.0, is a great bedside bassinet option for close co-sleeping.

It may last your baby for up to 6 months. But, some parents are willing to go the extra mile for a baby’s quality sleep.

Most mamas are not new to HALO products which are known for their swiveling bassinet, easy lowering wall, and lightweight mesh panels.

The newest model has an additional feature of a lighter base and a detachable bassinet.

We find that the adjusted 30% lesser weight is beneficial for new moms who are still recovering after delivery. 

Like other bassinets in this category, the BassiNest 3.0 also comes with a mattress and fitted sheet.

We find that reviews from most parents are relatable when they described the mattress as feeling too thin. At a steeper price, the mattress feels sufficient at best. 

But! We love that the mattress is waterproof. A waterproof mattress offers more than just ease to clean up potty accidents.

Such a dry and breathable sleeping space is healthy for a baby’s skin. It slows bacteria growth and prevents skin rashes.

In short, we love a waterproof mattress!

The biggest plus of BassiNest 3.0 is it offers moms like us a chance to be very close to our babies.

The mesh wall allows us to watch our babies which is reassuring. Parents should be aware though.

The bassinet may tilt at an angle that some find problematic, but it is within the safety angle of such a product.

3. Chicco LullaGo Anywhere Portable Bassinet

The Chicco LullaGo bassinet is just the right size for a newborn’s first months.

Loved for its streamlined design in a minimalist 12 lbs frame, this bassinet is bold in its presentation.

Choosing the right bassinet can be confusing with endless options in the market. But, this one catches the eye with its ease of use with exciting features.

At the price of $99, the bassinet offers the basic sleep necessities any baby would adore. Oh, and parents like us. 

What is there not to love about its portability in a lightweight 14.4lbs frame?

Or, the ability to hand wash and line dry the removable Chicco fabric? 

Perhaps, the solid connections with no-fuss design would make you favor this bassinet. 

When it comes to mattresses, the set offers a one-inch thick mattress that is decent in quality for the price.

We find the mattress to be lovely and plush enough for a baby to snuggle in.

To be honest, we were not expecting this since the mattress arrives folded for easy storage.

But, straighten it out, and voila! It becomes a comfortable mattress again.

If we can only choose one word to describe the Chico LullaGo bassinet; it would be: No-fuss.

Wait, or is that 2 words?

Either way, we highly recommend this bassinet with a mattress for moms or dads with the following criteria in mind: compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

Our Final Thoughts

There you go! Those are some of our favorite picks of the bassinet with mattresses in the market.

We hope this brief guide will be a stepping stone to help you in the world of bassinets.

If you haven’t figured it out, here is the surprising reason why you don’t have to purchase a separate mattress for your bassinet:

Most bassinets come with a mattress included.

All bassinets that meet federal safety standards are marketed with a mattress included.

So, parents, you have one less thing to worry about on your baby’s homecoming checklist.

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