Do You Need A Changing Table Topper

Do You Need A Changing Table Topper? Is It Worth It? [2022]

A stork is bringing a new bundle of joy to your home!

You have a few months to get ready before the big arrival. With a few days away to finalize your baby shower registry, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

The baby business seems eager to sell you anything and everything. Now that you are drowning in options, let me pull you aside for a minute.

Of course, some things are essential. But, going back to the basics, your baby’s needs can be listed on a short list of paper.

There are parenting luxuries that we have today that our grandmother didn’t. Yet, our parents turned out fine! Right??

Hopefully so.

So how can you tell what are the necessities? 

And which nice-to-haves item retailers are pushing as necessities?

A few months ago, I visited Sally, an expecting mom and a friend who is eager to boast about her new baby purchase.

It was an unassuming rectangular box with tall contoured sides and a quick-release buckle sitting on her dresser.

“Do you like my new changing table topper right here!”. She excitedly exclaimed.

I thought about the experiences I had changing diaper after diaper with my newborn. None of them had a changing table topper in it.

So, is a changing table topper the new IT item on the baby essential list? Let’s figure it out.

Pros of Changing Table Toppers

Before getting acquainted with the changing table topper, I was more familiar with its counterpart; the changing table.

Or, I would opt for the quick mommy trick of throwing a towel on the bed. In a second and a swift throw, I have my makeshift changing station.

After a series of considerations, I must say, I find a changing rapper topper has its charms.

1. Saves space 

Let’s face it, some families need to be space savvy. I have families and friends who start their beginner families in a tighter space.

And, that’s okay. In situations like this, a changing table topper that can be placed directly on a dresser is more ideal than a whole changing table furniture.

With a standard dimension of 20″Wx 26″Lx 36″H, a full-on changing table consumes floor space!

Even for families with bigger space, a changing topper is still a plus. Saving space is a goal with all the clusters that seem to build up over time.

2. Saves time 

I don’t know about you, but I was affected by a severe case of pregnancy brain from my baby.

No matter how organized I try to be, there is always something that is misplaced around the house.

The sight of me looking around the house frantically looking for diapers or baby lotion is an everyday thing.

And, not something you would like to see.

With a changing table topper, you can easily store these baby essentials close by. No more frantic searching, more time with the baby. In short, that is always a plus.

3. Provides a comfy space for the baby 

So, I can understand why my friend adores her new changing topper. But, I can also understand why her baby would love it too, as did mine.

They are designed to nest the baby in a contoured frame during changing. The top pads are soft and plush perfect for a baby’s soft skin.

If you can grab any opportunity to give extra comfort to your baby, why wouldn’t you??

4. Offers quick portability and easy storage 

Most moms, especially working ones, are always on the run. You can have a little room for breathing with one baby.

But, add a few toddlers to the list and a task like applying deodorant or hair brushing seem optional. 

There is no need to be ashamed. We have all been there.

If you are heading out with your baby and like to bring along the ease of a changing table topper, you can. Pick it up and head out the door. It is that simple. 

Can you do that with a bulky changing table?


5. Provides great value for money 

A changing table topper is cheaper than a changing station. You can find great changing table toppers priced below $50.

After all, you won’t be needing it forever, so that’s a great investment. Below is a quick list of my top 5 favorite changing table toppers.

Cons of Changing Table Topper

There are all the right reasons to love a changing table topper. But not all things are perfect. Just like everything that we adore, there are a few quirks to consider.

1. Risk of fall 

A changing topper is not as secure when compared to a changing table. Parents can minimize the risk of falls by opting for a changing table topper with curved sides.

I prefer a changing table topper with a buckle for added protection.

2. Limited storage space 

A designated changing station has ample storage for your baby’s kit. Yes, some models of changing toppers offer slots for storage but they are limited.

You may also rely on dressers to store your baby essentials. But, you can end up rummaging through the drawer in a potty emergency.

The Final Verdict

Therefore, what is the verdict? Is a changing table topper a necessity?

In my honest opinion, no. I do not think it is a necessity for your baby. But that does not take away the pros of using one. 

The debate comes down to personal preference. As for me, even if it is not a need, it is a want. All the benefits of using one outweigh the cons for me.

I am sure my friend Sally would agree. What about you?

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