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Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Which One Is Best? [2022]

When looking for an ideal baby formula to ease digestive issues, many parents turn to Enfamil.

In this article, we’ll be specifically exploring and comparing Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease infant formulas. 

While Enfamil Reguline is a prebiotic formula designed to soften infant stool and ease constipation, Enfamil Gentlease is designed to relieve gas, spit-up, fussiness, and crying that comes with digestive issues.

They’re both powdered, milk-based formulas with iron. 

Keep reading as we explore the factors that distinguish these two infant formulas and how they compare. We’ll score each product as we compare them and share our final verdict at the end on which one is best. 

Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease – How We’ll Compare Them

Our guide will look at the following factors to assess how Enfamil Reguline and Enfamil Gentlease formulas compare. 

  • Number of Symptoms Treated
  • Speed of Effectiveness
  • Benefits
  • Customer Satisfaction 
  • Price 

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Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Number of Symptoms Treated 


Enfamil Reguline specifically treats digestive issues in infants, like poor digestive health, uncomfortable/hard stools, and constipation. 

This is a decent range of gut symptoms that the formula treats, and we give it a 7/10 score for that category. 


Enfamil Gentlease powder formula treats a variety of other digestive and gut symptoms, such as infant spit-up, gassiness, and the crying and fussiness that accompany these gut issues.

The formula also soothes colic-ey babies and eases the discomfort of poor digestive health and sensitive tummies. 

We give it a 9/10 score in that category. 

How They Compare

When we compare Enfamil Reguline to Gentlease formula, we found that Gentlease covers a wider range of gut and digestive symptoms. 

Although Gentlease isn’t advertised to treat difficult stool or constipation, it’s gentler on the stomach and soothes more discomforts. Therefore, we find that Gentlease is a better formula.

Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Speed of Effectiveness


Enfamil Reguline is advertised to effectively soften your infant’s stool in one week’s time. Since the prebiotics in this formula takes more than several days to get to work, we give Reguline a 7/10 score in the speed of effectiveness category.


Enfamil Gentlease, on the other hand, is advertised to be effective in reducing symptoms of crying, fussiness, spit-up, gas, and upset stomach in only 24 hours.

Because of this prompt speed of effectiveness, we give Gentlease a 10/10 score in the speed of effectiveness category. 

How They Compare

When we compare Gentlease and Reguline powder formulas side by side, we find that Gentlease outperforms Reguline in terms of fast results (faster by nearly a week’s time).

Therefore, we’re noting that Enfamil Gentlease is the better product in this category.

Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Benefits 


Enfamil Reguline supports digestive health, as well as cognitive/learning ability up to age 51 due to its DHA and ARA blend. It also has easy-to-digest, partially hydrolyzed proteins to go easy on infants’ tummies.

Additionally, it has a complete nutrition profile appropriate for infants up to 12 months old to benefit from in the first year of life.

Essential nutrients in Reguline include iron (1.5mg), Vitamin D (60IU), Vitamin B6 (60mcg), Vitamin B12 (0.3mcg), Vitamin K (9mcg), Niacin (1000mcg), Magnesium (8mg), Zinc (1mg), Vitamin A (300IU), Calcium (82mg), and others. 

We give Enfamil Reguline a 10/10 score for its nutritional benefits. 


Infants feeding with Enfamil Gentlease benefit from easy-to-digest proteins, a Triple Health Guard blend of 30 growth nutrients, DHA and Choline to boost brain development, and prebiotics for immune support.

Infants can benefit from the formula through their first 12 months of life.

Enfamil Gentlease formula, conversely, has some of the same nutrient content, including iron (1.8mg), Vitamin D (60IU), Niacin (1000mcg), Magnesium (8mg), Zinc (1mg), Vitamin A (300IU), and Calcium (82mg).

It lacks other nutrients found in Reguline, though, such as certain B vitamins.

We give Gentlease an 8/10 for its nutritional benefits. 

How They Compare

Enfamil Gentlease shares many health benefits with Enfamil Reguline, including brain development support, immune support, and gut health support. However, it lacks some essential vitamins that Reguline has, so it scores lower. 

Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Customer Satisfaction  


Customers are widely satisfied with the Enfamil Reguline formula, based on the reviews and ratings online.

For instance, when examining the customer reviews on Walmart’s website – a leading retailer selling the product – we found almost 900 customer reviews with an average of 4.8/5.0 stars. 

The majority of the ratings (more than 700 of them) are 5-star ratings, with satisfied customers noting effective stool softening and gas relief. 

We give Enfamil Reguline an 8/10 score in the customer satisfaction category. 


Enfamil Gentlease customers are also widely satisfied. When researching Walmart’s online reviews and ratings, we found that it has 3,000+ reviews with an average rating of 4.8/5.0 stars. 

The majority of those ratings (over 2,800 of them) are 5-star ratings, and positive reviews note that it effectively relieves gas, reduces fussiness, and dissolves easily. It’s worth noting that unhappy customer reviews point to damaged products. 

We give Enfamil Gentlease a 9/10 score in the customer satisfaction category. 

How They Compare

Both Enfamil Gentlease and Reguline have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and high ratings at major retailers. However, Gentlease has far more customer feedback and positive ratings overall, so it wins out in this category.

Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Price  


Based on manufacturer list prices, Enfamil Reguline costs less per 12.4-ounce tub (about $10 less than Gentlease formula). We give it a 9/10 score for price. 


Based on manufacturer list prices, Enfamil Gentlease costs considerably more per 12.4-ounce tub. But it’s still a decently affordable price for a powder prebiotic formula, compared to other market brands. We give it a 7/10 score for price. 

How They Compare

Enfamil Reguline outscores Gentlease in the price category because you get the same amount of product for less. It’s also an affordable price compared to market competitors. 

The Breakdown

After thoroughly researching both Enfamil Reguline and Enfamil Gentlease, we totaled our scores in each comparison category to get the following results. 

Enfamil RegulineEnfamil Gentlease
Number of Symptoms Treated7/109/10
Speed of Effectiveness 7/1010/10
Benefits 10/108/10
Customer Satisfaction8/109/10
Total Score 4143
Check PriceCheck Price

The Winner – Enfamil Gentlese

With a total score of 43, Enfamil Gentlease wins out over Enfamil Reguline (score of 41).

It’s slightly more pricey, but with fast effectiveness, a large number of target treatments, and high customer satisfaction, it’s a better formula. 

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