Graco TriRide vs SlimFit

Graco TriRide vs SlimFit – Which One Is Best For You [2022]

So, you’ve taken the time to research the best car seat for your child and have narrowed down the selection to the Graco TriRide vs SlimFit.

Both of these car seats are phenomenal, but which one is right for you, your child, and your vehicle?

Whether you should get the Graco TriRide or SlimFit ultimately depends on your price point and the size of your vehicle.

The TriRide is better for those on a budget while the SlimFit is better for those who need a slim design.

The good news is that both of these car seats are great in terms of safety, comfortability, and convenience.

Of course, you definitely want to dig in more since your child’s safety and comfortability are on the line.

Keep reading for a full review of both of these car seats to decide which one is right for you, your vehicle, and your child.

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The Importance of Selecting the Right Car Seat For Your Child

Before we dive into a complete comparison of the Graco TriRide versus SlimFit car seat, let’s take a moment to talk about car seats in general.

It’s always important to select the best car seat based on your car and child.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car seats are essential for your child.

Car crashes are actually the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13. With the correct car seat or booster seat, you can help to protect your child in the case of an accident.

Getting just any car seat is not enough. You have to get the best car seat based on your child’s age and size.

Infants need rear-facing seats to protect against stress on your child’s spinal cord and neck. In contrast, older children need booster seats to ensure the safety belt fits properly around their bodies.

What this means is that your child’s car seat needs will change as they grow. For this reason, you will need to buy your child a new booster seat as they get bigger, unless you select a three-in-one or all-in-one seat.

All-in-one seats are designed so that you can change the positioning based on your child’s growth and needs.

All-in-one seats are more expensive up front, but they can save you money since you don’t have to buy new car seats every few years or so.

The two-car seats we will look at fall under this category in that they grow with your child and offer optimal safety during your child’s growth.

If you decide against an all-in-one design, don’t forget to change out your child’s car seat as they age, or else your child will not be getting the proper protection they need.

Graco Car Seats

Since it’s so important to select the best car seat for your child, you always want to do a comprehensive background check on the brand and specific models you are considering.

If you are thinking about getting a Graco car seat, you’ve likely already done a lot of research. After all, Graco is considered one of the best brands for all things babies.

Graco sells a variety of baby products, ranging from strollers to car seats. Practically all of their products are considered top tier, including the car seats.

Most parents note that Graco is fantastic because it sells high-quality products at an affordable price. It’s super easy to find Graco products because they are sold at most large chain stores.

Because Graco was such a phenomenal baby brand, they sell quite a few car seats. The most popular car seats are the Graco TriRide and Graco SlimFit. Both of these car seats are fantastic, but they have different advantages.

About The Graco TriRide

The Graco TriRide is a three-in-one car seat that will grow with your child. It begins as a rear-facing harness.

Then, it can transition into a forward-facing harness. Lastly, it changes into a high back booster. Because this booster seat grows with your child, it has a weight capacity ranging from 5 to 100 pounds.

Just like all other Graco car seats, this one is specifically engineered with your child’s safety in mind.

It has been tested in rigorous crash tests to ensure your child will be safe from any frontal, side, back, and rollover crashes.

In addition to being highly safe, this product is comfortable for both you and your child. Its harness is designed so that you can put it together in one motion.

For your child, it comes with a six-position recline and 10 headrest heights and positions to ensure your growing child is comfortable through it all.

About The Graco SlimFit

The Graco SlimFit is another three-in-one seat. It grows with your child from the time they are 5 pounds to the time they’re 100 pounds.

The seat is able to transition from a rear-facing harness to a forward-facing harness to a high-back booster, just like the above-mentioned seat.

Not to mention, this Graco car seat has all of the same testing and safety features as the TriRide. It comes with the same comfort features as well.

As a result, you can always trust that your child will be safe and comfortable in this chair.

What makes the Graco SlimFit different from the TriRide is that it is designed with a slim design.

It also has dual integrated cupholders that you can rotate away, which makes the seat 10% slimmer than before so that you can save what little backseat space you have.

Graco TriRide vs SlimFit Face Off

Now that we’ve looked at the TriRide and SlimFit individually, let’s take a minute to see how these two chairs compete against one another.

Car Seat Type

Both of these Graco car seats are considered three-in-one booster seats with an adjustable headrest. Both offer rear-facing, forward-facing, and high-back booster capabilities to ensure the booster seat grows with your child.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity for both of these seats is the same. Both can be with your child from the time they are 5 pounds to 100 pounds, with a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds.

Extra Features

These two booster seats begin to be a bit different when you look at the extra features.

The SlimFit is much like the TriRide, but it has a slimmer design. It even has cupholders that you can move to make it even slimmer.

This unique design makes the SlimFit more ideal for small cars.


For most car seats, we wouldn’t recommend making your final decision based on color.

However, making your final decision based on color when it comes to the Graco TriRide versus SlimFit isn’t that big of a deal since both of these car seats offer practically the same features and safety.

There aren’t as many color options for the Graco TriRide. There are only three color options with the TriRide, but there are eight color options with the SlimFit.


Although both of these car seats are considered high-quality but affordable seats, their prices aren’t identical.

Because of the extra color options and slim design of the SlimFit, the Graco SlimFit is more expensive than the TriRide. So, the TriRide is the better option for those on a budget.

It’s important to note that the SlimFit isn’t outrageously priced. It is just slightly more expensive than the TriRide option.

Which One Is Right For You?

Choosing between the TriRide and SlimFit is not as difficult as it may first appear.

Because both of these car seats are highly effective, safe, and comfortable, your ideal price range and extra features will help you to determine which car seat is best for you and your vehicle.

If you are on a budget, we recommend the Graco TriRide. The car seat will grow with your child, offers maximum safety, and is convenient for you. All the while, it is the more affordable option of the two.

In contrast, the Graco SlimFit is better designed for those who have a slightly larger budget and who want a car seat that is compact.

Individuals with a small vehicle, for instance, will benefit from the Graco SlimFit.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with any Graco product, including the Graco TriRide and the Graco SlimFit.

Both of these car seats grow with your child, offer maximum safety benefits, and are super comfortable and convenient for both you and your child.

When deciding between these two car seats, your ideal price point and vehicle size are the main determining factors.

Those on a budget will prefer the Graco TriRide for its more affordable price tag, but those with small vehicles will prefer the SlimFit for its more compact design.

Once you make your decision, it’s time to go shop for your Graco car seat. The good news is you won’t have to look too hard.

You can purchase Graco products on their website, but you can also purchase them at most big-name stores, including Bed Bath ; Beyond, Walmart, and Target.

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