Halo Bassinest Comparison

Halo Bassinest Comparison: The Best Option For You [2022]

Being a mom, I find many firsts in my life special. The first time I laid my eyes on my newborn.

That morning I first nursed. I am sure every mom remembers their child’s first step.

And then, there was the first time I met the HALO BassiNest.

It was a day of high anticipation. After hearing about the hype on the product, I was curious about its performance.

My first BassiNest was the Esssentia. We got along quite well together.

Later, I met its siblings.

And, let’s just say it was life-changing. It may be difficult to tell one model apart from the other. Which is why I am here to help.

In this guide, I will be breaking down the features of the HALO BassiNest Flex, 3.0, Premiere, and Luxe. This will help you purchase the right bassinet for your home.

HALO BassiNest Comparison 

Keep in mind that all bassinets below can only be used for babies up to 20 lbs. You should also discontinue usage when your baby starts doing the following moves.

If you see them pulling up, rolling over, or pushing up to a kneeling position, it is time to say goodbye to the HALO BassiNest.

Until you need it again, of course.

1. HALO Flex Portable BassiNest

The HALO Flex Portable BassiNest ($99) is the latest addition to the range. Like its other predecessors, the Flex comes with mesh sides to increase air circulation for your newborn.

I also appreciate that the HALO company includes its patented lowering sidewall feature in this model too.

The retractable side wall lets moms scoop up their babies with ease.

My first impression of the Flex bassinet is that it’s built for travel. The purpose behind its design is also what makes it different from the other models.

It weighs 18.26lbs with a dimension of 39.5L x 28.5W x 42H inches. With travel in mind, it is designed to be lightweight and portable.

Other models in the BassiNest series are relatively heavy!

And they are meant to be. The additional weight provides sturdiness that makes them perfect for home usage.

If you are a mom who is always on the go or looking for a secondary bassinet, the Flex would be perfect for you.

I am not going to lie. I miss the swivel function that the HALO brand is known for. It is missing in the Flex line.

Feature highlights

  • Retractable sidewall 
  • Portable and foldable
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Folding mechanism 
  • Mesh side 
  • Travel bag for storage 

2. HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper 3.0

Next in line is the HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper 3.0 ($219.99). I may be biased, but this could be one of my favorite bassinets in the market.

It has all the trademark functionalities that the HALO is known for.

The first is the retractable side wall. Which I must say is a blessing to moms who are breastfeeding and recovering from C-section. I can’t stress that enough.

Second, the mesh walls that all HALO BassiNest have. It makes babies breathe better. And for moms, it gives us easy access to check on our babies. 

Third, is the 360° swivel. That is the formula that makes this model special. The bassinet swivels up to 360° allowing parents to move their baby closer to their bed.

This feature provides a safe co-sleeping environment while having the baby on a separate surface.

There are other things that I like about the bassinet. Placing it by my bedside at eye level is a breeze because its height is adjustable.

It also includes a fitted sheet, mattress, and storage pocket.

All these loved features by moms are compact in size of 47L x 47W x 44.5H inches. It is almost double the weight of the Flex at 28.4lbs.

Feature highlights

  • 360° swivel 
  • Retractable locking side wall with mesh design 
  • Spacious storage pocket 
  • Fitted sheet and waterproof mattress pad 
  • Adjustable height 

3. HALO BassiNest Premiere Series Swivel Sleeper

If you are looking forward to taking your baby’s sleeping game up a notch, then the HALO BassiNest Premiere Series Swivel Sleeper ($289.99) is for you.

In my opinion, this is where HALO takes a bassinet into another level of sleeping space.

A smart bassinet.

The Premiere series is everything a BassiNest 3.0 is and more in a 37.6Lx18.12Wx10.83H frame.

That means you get the 360° swivel, breathability, and performance of the BassiNest 3.0 plus a special something.

An awesome, rocking soothing center. Oh, and let’s not forget the nightlight options.

The soothing center offers 3 calming sounds, and 3 lullabies complete with 2 modes of vibration. I love that the vibration function is great for soothing a fussy baby.

All of these functions can be controlled through a panel on the Premiere. It also comes with a built-in 30-minute auto shutoff on a function.

If I can change one thing about this model, it would be the electrical source of the soothing center. It operates on 3 AAA batteries, sold separately.

I would prefer a more environmentally friendly option, especially for long-term usage.

Feature highlights

  • Everything we love about the BassiNest 3.0 
  • 2 big storage pockets 
  • Soothing center with 3 lullabies, 3 soothing sounds, 2 levels of vibration, a nightlight, and a nursing timer 
  • Floor Light 

4. HALO BassiNest Luxe Series Swivel Sleeper

Last but not least, let’s talk about the HALO BassiNest Luxe Series Swivel Sleeper ($314.99). Yes, the price may seem a little steep but for all the right reasons.

It combines the portability of the most basic model and the luxuries of a reliable smart bassinet.

Before moving on, here is a scope of its dimension. It comes at 34.45L x 18.71W x 10.83H inches at 42.9lbs.

The Luxe is the heaviest model among the HALO BassiNest. Because it needs to house a ton of awesomeness!

The Luxe series is different from the other models because it features a removable bed and storage caddy. This means two things to moms like me.

First, the detachable parts make cleaning easier.

Second, it is portable.

Whether the added function is worth the extra money is up for debate. But, if you have extra money to spare, I think it is a worthwhile investment!

Feature highlights

  • All functionalities of the HALO Premiere 
  • Extra floor light 
  • Detachable large storage caddy 
  • Removable bed for easy portability 

Which HALO BassiNest Is Your Favorite?

A guide like this helps parents get acquainted with the HALO BassiNest series. But, reading alone will not do them as much justice.

To understand why moms love the HALO bassinets, you need to try it for yourself.

I am hopeful that by reading this article, you may find the best HALO BassiNest for your home.

That meeting with your first HALO will be a special moment to remember, for sure.

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