Is The Halo Bassinet Worth It: What Other Moms Say

» Is The Halo Bassinet Worth It: What Other Moms Say [2022]

As a new parent, you are inundated with an array of baby products promising to help your baby sleep through the night.

While searching through reviews, you might wonder if the Halo bassinet is worth it.

The Halo Bassinet gets a resounding yes from moms across the globe.

The convenient sleeper has a 360-degree swivel arm, push-down side railing, mesh siding, and multiple versions available to find the right one for your needs. 

This article will cover what moms like and dislike about the Halo Bassinet and what they say about the popular sleeper.

We will also look at a few comparable bassinets because options are always excellent.

When finding baby products, it’s crucial to do your research, so keep reading to learn more about one of the most popular bassinets on the market today. 

Is The Halo Bassinet Worth It?

You’ll likely hear multiple answers to whether the Halo Bassinet is worth it.

For example, do you want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on something that you will only use for a few months?

However, the Halo Bassinet also has features comparable bassinets lack, like the ability to rotate completely around. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babies should sleep in the same room as their parents for at least six months, so having the Halo Bassinet nearby helps make it easy to share a room.

In addition, the AAP suggests keeping your baby in your room until they turn one. 

But is the Halo Bassinet worth it? You’ll quickly realize while the bassinet has a lot going for it, it’s all about personal preference.

But, since your baby can’t tell you, maybe their crying might let’s look at what moms have to say about the Halo Bassinet

What Moms Love About The Halo Bassinet 

The Halo Bassinet, undoubtedly, has a lot going for it.

Other moms are usually your best friends when it comes to determining what works and doesn’t work for a particular baby product.

Without further ado, here are the top features moms appreciate when using the Halo. 

360-Degree Swivel Arm

There’s no getting around the convenience of the Halo’s 360-degree swivel arm.

When you are exhausted and need to bring the baby close, you will appreciate the ease of swiveling your sweet bundle over to you. 

Push Down Side Railing 

The side railing quickly pushes down, making it effortless to pick up your baby in the middle of the night.

In addition, as you are recovering from childbirth, you’ll appreciate the ease of getting your baby without standing up.

The wall does have a lock to prevent accidental opening. 

Mesh Siding 

The Halo Bassinet is built with mesh siding, allowing a breathable space for your baby and making it easy to check on your little one.

The bassinet sits at eye level so the baby can feel your presence close by. 

Storage Pocket 

There’s nothing like searching around in the dark for a diaper or extra clothes, so moms will appreciate the convenient storage pocket to store those middle-of-the-night essentials. 

Adjustable Height 

You can easily adjust the height of your Halo Bassinet to ensure it sits exactly where you want it.

The adjustable height is handy if your bed sits lower or higher than most. The Halo also doesn’t have a huge footprint, making it ideal for smaller spaces like an apartment. 

Multiple Versions 

Several versions of the Halo Bassinet are available, allowing you to pick the right one for you and your baby.

For example, if you’re willing to cough up nearly $300, you can score the Premiere version, which has sounds, music, a nursing timer, and vibration. 

What Mom Don’t Like About The Halo Bassinet 

While the Halo Bassinet does have numerous things going for it, it’s not for everyone, and it’s vital to understand the aspects you may not like. 

High Price Tag

There’s no doubt the Halo Bassinet comes with a high price tag. Whether it seems worth it or not, it’s still a hefty price to pay.

If you’re set on the Halo Bassinet but don’t want to spend the original price, check with friends to see if anyone has a used one. 

Bassinets are used for such a short time that you may score one in great shape at a lower cost. 

Also, remember, you’ll have to buy a crib eventually, so consider the cost of both items to decide whether the Halo Bassinet is worth it. 

Not Portable 

The Halo Bassinet is heavy, and you aren’t meant to push it from one room to the next.

Once you decide where to set it up, you will likely have it there until you no longer use it.

So if you want something portable and easy to move around the house, you’ll want to skip the Halo. 

Also, you’ll have the bassinet snug against your bed, so you’ll likely not want to readjust it every time you want to move it.

However, the sturdiness of the Halo Bassinet is admirable, as you know your baby is safe and sound while sleeping. 

Undesirable Tilt 

Many moms express concern over the tilt associated with the Halo Bassinet.

While the mesh siding provides a breathable place for the baby to lay, you still don’t want to find your little one close up to the sides.

On their website, Halo recommends keeping the Bassinet at the lowest setting and having it in the non-swivel out position to avoid any tilting.

In addition, they do specify the tilt is within safety guidelines. 

What Real Moms Are Saying 

“I had the one that swivels and LOVED it. If I ever have another kid I’m definitely going to buy it again. It’s sturdy, and has a large base so I never worried about it getting knocked over or anything like that.” Sk8rghost

“I LOVED my Halo bassinet with my last since I’m a c-section mama, it made life a whole lot easier for me since you can swing it towards you and away from you, not to mention the fact that the side drops down easily so you can gain easy access to your little one. I recently had another baby (repeat section) and moved on to the Chicco 3-1 bassinet, and while I don’t regret it (it’s a great bassinet!!) I do miss the easiness of swinging the bassinet towards me and bringing the side down to get my little one out for a feeding.” sh0rt_stuff

“I have the Halo Premiere and I recommend checking how your bed touches the floor and how high your mattress is. We got ours as a gift but didn’t even realize to consider our bed is a platform touching the floor the whole way around so swinging the bassinet over the bed isn’t possible because the feet don’t go under the bed. I do like how high it goes though, and the vibrate and sound functions.” missmatchedsox

Comparable Bassinets 

With all of the baby products on the market today, it’s helpful to have several options when choosing where your little one will sleep.

Here are additional bassinets comparable to the Halo Bassinet you should consider. 

  1. Chicco Close To You 3-in-1 
  2. Baby Bjorn Cradle 
  3. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions 
  4. Baby Delight Beside Me 
  5. 4moms Bassinet 
  6. Arms Reach Co-Sleeper 

While you’ll likely find the Halo Bassinet on the top of many best-of lists, it doesn’t mean you have to take the plunge and get one yourself.

What works for one mom may not work for another. 

In addition, many moms will use a pack-n-play until they are ready to transfer the baby to a crib.

Many pack-n-plays have a bassinet feature, allowing a cozy place to let your baby sleep.

However, you must ensure it is labeled as a safe place to sleep and not a changing pad. 

Is the Halo Bassinet safe?

The Halo Bassinet follows safety guidelines and ensures it is a safe and secure place to keep newborns.

Typically, babies can fit in the bassinet until they are four months old, or you can tell they are running out of space. 

Remember, the AAP recommends parents place babies on their back to sleep, and you should discontinue bassinet use when they begin rolling over. 

How big is the Halo Bassinet?

The Halo Bassinet has the following dimensions:

  • Weight: 28.4 lbs
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 20 lbs
  • 47” L x 47” W x 44.5 H

How long can babies sleep in the Halo Bassinet?

While all babies grow differently, most are ready to be finished with the Halo Bassinet by four or five months.

The weight recommendation of the Halo is 20 lbs, so ensure your baby still fits within the requirements to sleep safely in the bassinet. 

Is the Halo Bassinet comfortable?

Parents will appreciate the included mattress, but is it comfortable? While it does provide a comfortable place to sleep, remember babies need a flat, hard surface without any added accessories. 

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