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LillyPost Review

Welcome back to Best Case Parenting, today we are looking at a subscription box that a lot of parents are raving about. This service is called LillyPost and aims to give you children’s books straight to your mailbox! As always with reviews, the million dollar question remains ‘is it any good?’. If you have been wondering whether LillyPost is for you, please read on…

What is LillyPost?

Put simply, LillyPost is a subscription box for children’s books. You get several options for your LillyPost Subscription boxes. You can choose a board book box, that will contain 4 board books for ages 0-3 years old. Traditionally, as board books are pretty much indestructible, they are usually reserved for babies or very young children.

Below is an example of one of the board books you may receive (taken from Amazon) Click the image to view it over there.

LillyPost Review 1LillyPost Review 2

You can also choose a picture book box aimed at children aged between 4 and 7 years old. Each month LillyPost will send you 3 picture books, with past titles including things such as Wolfie the Bunny, Bertie Wings it and Bear’s Scare. Again, below is an example of one of these books over at Amazon.

LillyPost Review 3LillyPost Review 4

If you are not sure whether you want board books or picture books, or need a mixture due to mixed age children in your household, LillyPost also offer a mixed book box. This will have 2 picture books and 1 board book.

Why Would You Use LillyPost?

Although a lot of adults are moving towards digital books in Kindle like applications, it is still important to give your young children access to real books.

As well as this, reading to your children has some much wider ranging benefits…

  • Develop Language Skills. Hearing a wide range of words helps build vocabulary, for example.
  • Routine is so important to young children. Reading before bedtime may be a perfect way to end their nighttime routine.
  • Develop a stronger bond with your child by sharing great books together.
  • Build a love of books that helps with reading later on.

How Much is LillyPost?

No matter which subscription box you choose, you will be charged $19.95 per box, going down to $18.95 if you subscribe for 3 months. Although shipping and taxes need to be added to this, usually $4.95 depending on where you are in America or Canada.

Lillypost review.

As well as choosing your subscription box, you can also choose whether you would like your monthly books wrapped or not. Wrapping books is not just about using them as gifts, even if the books are just for your children every month it becomes a much more special event if they need to unwrap them each time.

You can also choose whether you would like seasonal books in your boxes, which is a great touch.

LillyPost Review 5

What We Like about LillyPost?


LillyPost say at the time of writing this review that they have donated 142000 books to charity. Some examples of charities they have supported include Project Night Night, which gives books to homeless children. Also, the Children’s Food Bank offers books to low-income families.

Books are so important for all children, and it great to see a commercial outfit such as LillyPost supporting charities as part of their ongoing business.

Discover New Books

There are so many amazing children’s book and author’s these days, most parents have probably only heard of the famous ones. By subscribing to a book box like these, you are helping yourself discover new children’s books each month without much effort on your part.

Having a curated box of top children’s books each month takes the load off the parent.

Helps Build A Love of Books

If you are a longtime reader of this website, you will know how important it is to build up a love of books. When I have reviewed reading programs such as Children Learning Reading and 4 Weeks to Read, I always talk about how building a love of reading should be an integral part of any child’s reading armoury.

Put simply, if they love books your child will be more likely to have a natural interest in reading too. By giving your child access to quality books from an early age, you are really supporting this notion.

LillyPost Review 6

Convenient for Busy Parents

A lot of parents are too busy these days to take the time to research good books for their children, whether it be sorting through the thousands of books over at Amazon or browsing a physical book store.

These LillyPost subscription boxes really make it simple and easy for busy parents to keep an updated library of children’s books on offer within their homes.

Cheaper Than Buying Yourself

Here are some examples of real boxes that Youtuber ‘A Year of Boxes‘ has received.

Box 1

Board Box – Hedgehugs/ Jungle 123 Early Learning Rhymes/ Bedtime Ted/ We Go Together.

I used Book Depository to find out some current pricing on these books, this is what I found:

Hedgehugs – $8.67

Jungle 123 Early Learning Rhymes – $7.99

Bedtime Ted! – $8.98

We Go Together – $11.98

That’s a total cost of $37.62 for your $25 subscription box.

Box 2

Board Box – My Book of Opposites/ Busy Little Bee/ Who’s That Dog?/ My First Town.

My Book of Opposites – $7.08

Busy Little Bee – $8.47

Who’s That Dog? – 8.99

My First Town – $10.77

That’s a total cost of $35.31 for your $25 subscription box.

As you can see, you are always getting well over the $25 a month you are paying for the subscription box, and you are getting hand picked books as a bonus.

What We Don’t Like about LillyPost?

No Replacements

There is a lot to like about LillyPost, and to be honest, I struggled to find things I didn’t like. Even this point is not really a major negative, as it is a normal policy for many subscription boxes.

If you receive books that your child already has, LillyPost suggests that you give it to someone as a gift or donate it to charity. I suppose you could even sell them on Ebay if you are after some monetary value out of them! LillyPost do not offer replacement books in this situation.

Anything Else to Consider?

Be aware that not all LillyPost subscription boxes are created equal, meaning that if both you and your neighbour subscribed to the same boxes, you may get totally different books. I can totally understand why they do this, as this service has exploded in popularity recently and they don’t have an endless supply of similar books. As long as the quality of books offered remains the same, I personally don’t have any issue with this.

Should you Subscribe to LillyPost?

Books are such an important part of any child’s life, and LillyPost has become a great way for any parent to offer this at home in a quick and simple way. Subscription boxes have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. LillyPost just adds another excellent option to the growing list of subscription box providers!

For the cost of around $25 a month, you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

If you are interested in subscribing after reading this review, you can check out the LillyPost official website and signup HERE.

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