Make learning meaningful

Make learning meaningful! Meaning is the key to learning for your child!

Having been a teacher in Asia for quite some time now, I have had numerous parent meetings that raise the warning flag! I will give you an example:

Parent: I just can’t get my child interested in learning at home.

Me: Why? What did you try to do with your child?

Parent: Well, I tried to get them to practice writing letters but they refused!

Let’s just say, I have spent quite a while re-educating parents when it comes to “sitting down” to drill their child or ask them to do “work”. Well, I’ll ask you this.

As an adult, if I asked you to sit and write random letters for no reason, how would you feel? You would probably tell me to get lost, right? Well it’s the same for your beloved children!

Make learning meaningful

Giving meaning or value to activities is your golden ticket to helping your young child get interested in learning at home.

I will go back to the example above. If you want your child to practice writing letters, why not think of a valid reason to do this.

If your child shows an interest in shopping trips, for example, why not get them to help you write a shopping list!

You will find that, by giving a meaning to tasks, your child is far more likely to find this idea interesting and be motivated to do it WITHOUT pestering from an adult. Of course, maybe your child couldn’t give two hoots about shopping!! Well, then think of something that does interest them….and….BINGO!

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