Nutramigen Vs Puramino

Nutramigen Vs Puramino, The Best Option For Your Baby [2022]

If you are trying to decide between Nutramigen vs Puramino, you might be wondering what the major differences between these two kinds of formulas are.

Both Nutramigen and Puramino have been designed to help babies with allergies, although Nutramigen caters only to milk allergies, while Puramino covers multiple food allergies.

Puramino also has better quality fats which makes it a better option for your baby. It is made with amino acids, rather than casein hydrolysate.

Being able to compare the two formulas will help you to determine which is right for you and your child, so let’s explore this.

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Nutramigen Vs Puramino – How We’ll Compare Them

There are some big differences between Nutramigen and Puramino, even though they are both formulas catering to babies with allergies, and they also have some similarities.

The differences we are going to look at include:

  • Allergen content
  • Price
  • Other ingredients

Nutramigen Vs Puramino – Allergen Content Comparison

Nutramigen’s Allergen Content

Nutramigen is intended to make milk easier on your baby’s stomach by breaking it down into its simplest form.

The protein has already passed certain digestive processes that tend to be more difficult, and this means that your baby is more likely to be able to digest it easily.

Babies with mild milk allergies may find that this casein, the name for the protein, does not cause an allergic reaction because of the form that it takes.

This may mean that Nutramigen is suitable for a baby with a milk allergy even though it contains milk. 

However, Nutramigen won’t be suitable for all babies with milk allergies and it may not be helpful if your baby suffers from additional allergies.

Score: 7 out of 10

Puramino’s Allergen Content

Puramino was designed to remove multiple allergens, and it’s suitable for babies that have a severe cow’s milk allergy.

If your child cannot deal with Nutramigen, they should be able to handle Puramino.

Puramino is an amino acid-based formula, and because it does not contain any cow’s milk, even as broken down proteins, it should be safe for an infant with an allergy to cow’s milk to consume.

Score: 9 out of 10

How They Compare

Puramino is safer if your infant has an allergy to cow’s milk because it does not incorporate this ingredient.

If your infant can safely consume the casein protein but not cow’s milk in its normal form, you may find that Nutramigen is suitable, but Puramino should suit all infants with a cow’s milk allergy, regardless of the severity.

Nutramigen Vs Puramino – Price Comparison

Nutramigen’s Price

A can of Nutramigen’s “For Cow’s Milk Allergy” formula costs around $8.98 from Walmart, and you can buy a 12 pack for $87.99.

This makes it one of the more affordable formulas for babies, and it should be within the budget for many parents.

Score: 8 out of 10

Puramino’s Price

Puramino is an expensive option and can cost around $47.46 for a single can from Walmart. A 4-pack costs about $159.92. This makes Puramino out of reach for many parents who are struggling to feed their children. 

Amino acid formulas do tend to be more expensive, but this is still frustrating for many parents and makes Puramino a less preferable option for those who have a choice.

Score: 4 out of 10

How They Compare

Puramino is far more expensive than Nutramigen, and the difference in cost will make it extremely hard to afford for some parents.

It is more than 5 times more expensive than Nutramigen if you compare the can price, and many people will struggle to cope with the cost.

Nutramigen Vs Puramino – Other Ingredients Comparison

Nutramigen’s Other Ingredients

Nutramigen uses things like corn syrup, palm olein, and coconut oil, which many people are wary about feeding to their babies.

These ingredients are there to provide a source of carbohydrates, but they aren’t an ideal food in many ways, and your baby may not be as healthy on them.

However, many infant formulas do make use of these ingredients, and they shouldn’t cause any notable problems for your baby.

Nutramigen also contains LGG, which may support your child’s immune system.

Score: 4 out of 10

Puramino’s Other Ingredients

Puramino also uses corn syrup, but its fat options are better. It uses medium-chain triglyceride oils, and these are easier for infants to digest than the vegetable fats found in Nutramigen.

Fats are critical for a baby’s development because they help your child absorb vitamins properly.

Score: 5 out of 10

How They Compare

Puramino’s fat provision is better than Nutramigen’s, although both formulas contain critical ingredients such as iron and ARA, and DHA, which are key to your child’s growth and development.

Nutramigen’s LGG may help to give it an edge if the milk content isn’t an issue, but if fat is particularly important for your baby, opt for Puramino.

The Breakdown

So, how do these two kinds of formulas fare when they are compared side by side? Which should you choose to purchase?

Allergen Content79
Other Ingredients45
Total score1918
Check PriceCheck Price

The Winner

Nutramigen is likely to be the best starting point for you, provided that your baby can tolerate the casein that is in it; its lower price makes it a preferable option for many young parents who would struggle with Puramino’s high cost.

It is a good formula option that contains all the things your infant needs to grow up healthy and strong.

You may be forced to switch to Puramino if it turns out that your child can’t deal with the casein, but Nutramigen is great for trialing formula and should give your child everything it needs.

It is also fast-acting and can stop the symptoms of colic in just 48 hours, which can be a big relief for parents.

Unless your child’s allergy is severe or they have other gastrointestinal issues, Nutramigen will usually prove a perfect solution for a child that is struggling with standard formulas.

It is cheap, nutritious, and has a Junior version that you can swap your child onto when the time comes.

Which formula is better for a baby with an allergy?

If your baby has an allergy, then you will need to purchase a hypoallergenic formula such as Nutramigen or Puramino. These formulas are designed to be gentle on a baby’s stomach and will not cause any allergic reactions.

Both of these formulas are good options, but Nutramigen is generally the better choice as it is less expensive and contains all the nutrients that your baby needs.

If your child has a severe allergy, then you may need to purchase Puramino, as it is the only formula that is completely free of all allergens.

Are there any other things to consider when choosing a formula?

When choosing a formula, you should also consider whether your baby has any other medical conditions that need to be taken into account.

For example, if your baby has reflux, then you will need to purchase a formula that is designed for babies with reflux, such as Enfamil A.R.

If your baby has any other medical conditions, make sure to speak to your doctor or pediatrician before choosing a formula.

What is the best hypoallergenic formula?

The best hypoallergenic formula is the one that is best suited to your baby’s individual needs. If your baby has a severe allergy, then you will need to purchase Puramino.

If your baby has a less severe allergy, then Nutramigen is generally the better choice.

Whatever formula you choose, make sure to speak to your doctor or pediatrician first to make sure that it is the right one for your baby.

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