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Best Summer Toys for Toddlers

I have been writing quite a lot of serious articles on Best Case Parenting this week, so i wanted something a bit more light hearted today!

As Summer is pretty much here, I thought I would do an article looking at the best summer toys for toddlers. Whether this be beach toys for toddlers or summer outdoor toys for toddlers, we have it covered!

Alvantor Playhouse!

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Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 3

​Every family needs a tent for summer fun! It’s a great way to encourage your child to get out of the house, as well as offering shade from the hot summer sun.

You could set it up to be a den, a reading area, or a bird watching hideout! The only limit is your imagination!

This would also double as a great shade if you go outside the home on a trip, maybe the beach.

The great thing about this particular tent, is it is very easy to put up and down again. This means as soon as the weather brightens up, you can throw it up in no time. This is a great start when thinking about the best summer toys for toddlers!

When I was a bit older (as a child), I can remember sleeping out in the garden overnight using a tent. Those were the days!! 

Gardening Set by ROCA Toys

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Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 6

​This gardening set ​would provide you with more summer activities for toddlers! If your child has shown any interest in helping you around the garden, this would be perfect.

Digging and raking are great ways for a child to build up muscle and motor control, so it’s fun and good for development!

I picked this particular product as it has real metal items. I know that plastic always seems like an easy option in terms of safety, but it’s equally as important that your child is experiencing authentic resources to play with.

I like these, because they look and feel realistic to your child. Also, they are much more durable!

​As long as you show your child how to use these items safely, you will be surprised how well they can use them. Actually, taking risks (within reason) is an important part of a child’s development.

They also come with a handy carry bag, which is a nice touch.

Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing Set

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Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 9

​Got a tree? If you have, swing sets make excellent summer outdoor toys for toddlers! 

I am sure that most of us have fond memories of swings as a child, and this would mean you have one right in your garden. I wish I had one of these when I was a child!!

Here is a quality harness to go with it….

Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 10Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 11
Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 12

​With these two items, you will be all set with more summer activities for toddlers. In fact, this would even work with an infant and provide a great sensory experience.

B.Toys by Battat B. Ready Beach Bag

​Here we have some beach toys for toddlers.

Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 13Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 14
Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 15

​I am sure most families will go to the beach (one of the great summer activities for toddlers) at least once during the summer. When you do, you will need something to occupy your child.

What better way than a nice set of beach toys for toddlers. Why did I choose these over the (literally) hundreds of other sets?

​Good question! The variety of tools and toys included seemed way more unique than some of the other options. Most others just come with bog standard tools such as spades! This one even includes a fun pinwheel spinner for your child to enjoy.

Also, I feel like this particular set will last a longer time and seemed better designed to me.

As a bonus, the set also includes a beach ready bag to go with it. That just seals the deal for me! Beach, here we come!

Construction Worker Roleplay Set

This is a great way to get your child out in the garden. As I have stated many times, a lot of children really enjoy roleplaying adult roles and situations.

And, this is not only for boys. I have seen plenty of girls enjoy this type of role play as well.

Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 16Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 17
Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 18

​Unfortunately, there are a lot of these sets that are low quality. I chose this set because it is of much better quality and it offers a great variety of tools and resources as well.

I would order them with a set of giant blocks such as these:

Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 19Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 20
Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 21

​The construction set and the giant blocks together would provide many hours of constructing fun. You could even go further and buy a toy sit on tractor or JCB! 

The only thing I would say about the giants blocks, is the importance of buying a quality set. I have found that you usually get what you pay for with most construction toys. There is nothing worse than ill fitting blocks or blocks with sharper edges.

​Role play is often overlooked when thinking about summer toys for toddlers! Hopefully, this will help to jog your memory!

​KidWinz Binoculars

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Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 24

​To really make the summer a learning experience for children, we need to encourage them to observe and think more about the environment around them. This is why I would buy them a set of binoculars, even from a young age. This will allow them to explore and observe everything they find outside (hopefully not your neighbors!!).

These particular pairs are shock proof and of sturdy construction, so they can take a fair beating. The optics are also of high quality, to make the whole experience as authentic as possible for your child. There is nothing worse than cheap and cheerful child-friendly products that don’t feel anything like the real thing.

​Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

I am pretty sure I had a similar thing as a child, but just a lot smaller!​

Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 25Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 26
Best Summer Toys for Toddlers 27

​This is a great tool to encourage your young child to draw, write and scribble. All very important for their development and building up of relevant muscles for writing.

Although this is not strictly a summer only toy, the thing I like about this is it is durable and easy to quickly pick up and take outside.

If you bought a tent like the one I suggested earlier, this would be a great example of a product to put inside it.

This magic mat just needs water applied to it, and then your child can draw away.

You might also be interested in this article about the best car toys for toddlers.

If you have any ​ideas for summer toys for toddlers or summer activities for toddlers, we would love to here all about them in the comment section below. Have a great summer!!

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