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I have been meaning to get around to blogging for quite a while! Alas, time is a finite resource and, all too often, I don’t have enough of it!

So, what’s my plan? Good point! Well…..funny you should ask. I have been an Early Childhood teacher for 12 years. In my humble opinion, over this time I have built up something of a knack of realising what is good or not when it comes to teaching young children. In my professional life, I have dealt with and helped many parents. My idea is to try and do this on a wider scale.

Sounds grand right?? Well, on this site you should find several things. Advice on teaching your little one! Advice on how to keep your little one in line! And along the way some recommendations of products or services that I feel fit into this well.

My expertise is with children aged between 3-6 years old, so a good majority of what I cover will likely be relevant to these ages.

Well, all that is left is to get all formal and say……welcome. Hopefully, I can offer something of use to parents of  young children. Well, if I don’t try I’ll never know!!

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