4moms Bassinet Review: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

4moms Bassinet Review: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly [2022]

One of the most popular bassinets for newborns is the 4moms Bassinet.

If you’ve spent countless hours trying to rock your baby to sleep while making your own white noise, you may be interested in what features the 4moms Bassinet has to offer. 

4moms was founded in 2005 and introduced robotic baby products to the ever-growing baby product market.

The company has various products, including their popular MamaRoo, which bounces babies up and down and side to side.

The Pittsburgh-based company hired a group of engineers to help design the 4moms Bassinet and used a focus group of mothers to provide insight.

While the product is for any type of “parent,” the company chose the name 4moms to honor the mothers who helped make it possible. 

While the price tag is a bit steep, the 4moms Bassinet is popular amongst new parents and offers unique features that make it rise above similar products. 

If you consider adding a 4moms Bassinet to your nursery, you may wonder if it lives up to the hype. Will your baby finally sleep through the night?

Keep reading to see our review on the 4moms Bassinet because we will break it all down for you.

Is The 4moms Bassinet For You?

Preparing for a baby can be overwhelming, especially with the various products on the market.

However, if you are looking for the perfect bassinet, you may wonder if the 4moms Bassinet is for you. 

Babies don’t need anything fancy but a safe, secure place to sleep.

However, if you are looking for something extra for a bassinet, you will appreciate the fun and techy features 4moms provides. 

If your baby sleeps well with motion or sounds, then you’ll get both features in the one bassinet.

You no longer have to drive your baby around to get them to sleep because the bassinet has a car ride motion setting.

Although, that means you can’t hit the drive-thru coffee shop while trying to get them to sleep. 

In addition, the adjustable legs enable you to have the bassinet at eye level while you lay in bed gazing at your precious little one.

Maybe, you can try to get some sleep, too. 

However, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles and just want a place to allow your baby to sleep, then the 4moms Bassinet isn’t for you.

The bassinet isn’t on wheels, so you can’t push the baby from room to room. 

While you can operate the bassinet from the attached control panel, there is an app so you can manage it remotely. Is tech not your thing?

Then, maybe you’ll want to remove the 4moms Bassinet from your shopping cart. 

The price of the 4moms Bassinet is comparable to similar products; however, it still is a bit steep for a bassinet. 

4moms Mamaroo Bassinet Review: What We Like

The 4moms Bassinet has a lot going for it, and there’s no question why it ranks high for parents.

First, assembly is a breeze, and you don’t need any tools, which is a total win for a sleep-deprived parent.

With all the gadgets you buy for babies, you’ll appreciate that you don’t have to break a sweat putting together the 4moms Bassinet.

In addition, the bassinet is reasonably spacious, so your newborn will fit comfortably inside.

The spacious bassinet is excellent for babies who tend to move around or kick during their sleep.

While it doesn’t come with a swaddle, like similar bassinets, there’s no reason why you can’t purchase one separately and use it in the bassinet. 

The adjustable legs snap into the base, and the bassinet then fits snugly on top, and you insert the mattress.

Voila, your bassinet is set up. (Your newborn might be able to help you put it together, it’s that simple.)

While the mattress is flat and firm to align with safe sleep guidelines, it won’t feel like your baby is sleeping on a rock.

While it may be tempting, you don’t want to add anything to help soften the bed.

Remember, they just spent nine months curled up in your belly; they will appreciate the extra space. 

Once setup is complete, you will have an easy time operating the bassinet with its user-friendly controls.

The control panel includes the following:

  • Power on/off
  • Bluetooth indicator – compatible with smartphones 
  • Speed indicator – 5 levels of speed 
  • Motion – car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave 
  • Sound – ocean, rain, fan, and shh
  • Volume

The control panel will light up when you are programming it, but it will dim after 90 seconds so it won’t light up in a dark room.

You can tap anywhere on the panel to wake it up. 

The convenience of upping the speed is also a breeze. You’ll keep tapping your desired motion until you find the ideal speed.

It’s also appreciated that there are volume settings for the sound because not everyone wants an intense shushing noise while trying to sleep

You can also operate the bassinet from a smartphone, which sounds like a great party trick.

Anyone who has dealt with a sleeping baby knows you don’t want to get too close and risk waking them up.

Instead, the 4moms app allows you to change the settings from the comfort of your couch or from under the covers next to your little one. 

The app is relatively user-friendly and is compatible with smartphones, so if you still live in the age of flip phones, you’ll have to upgrade.

Luckily, there is no charge for downloading the app, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs after you begin downloading. 

In addition, it is convenient to have built-in sounds and motions instead of using your foot to rock the baby’s seat or make your own shushing sound.

I mean, who doesn’t want a bassinet that can rock itself? You can choose from five different speeds depending on your baby’s preference. 

The bassinet gradually goes from one sound to the next, avoiding abrupt changes during the baby’s sleep.

The gradual change is appreciated because some competitor bassinets don’t have the same smooth transition

The bassinet has mesh siding, allowing a comfortable and breathable place for a baby to sleep.

While it’s comforting to know a baby can safely lay up against the sides, you must stop using a bassinet once your baby can roll over

You also want to stop using it if your baby begins sitting up because while the bassinet is sturdy, you don’t want to risk the baby falling over the side. 

Finally, the 4moms Bassinet has an impressive storage basket with plenty of room for diapers, wipes, extra clothing, and anything you think you’ll want within arm’s reach. 

The 4moms Bassinet has many features to love and would make a fantastic place for your newborn to sleep. 

4moms Mamaroo Bassinet Review: What We Don’t Like

While the 4moms Bassinet checks most of the feature boxes parents are looking for, it does have a few things that are less than ideal. 

First, the 4moms Bassinet is rather pricey, averaging several hundred dollars. While it’s not the most expensive on the market, it’s a bit high.

If bassinets were more of a long-term investment, then it would potentially be worth the high price tag.

However, babies usually only use bassinets for 4-5 months before they switch to a crib so that it can be a dent in the wallet.

If you’re keen on the 4moms Bassinet but don’t want to pay full price, consider getting one secondhand from a friend.

You can even find one on a local marketplace for a lower price. I generally find the best price on Amazon.

Also, it would be ideal for the bassinet to have wheels for easy mobility instead of having a flat base.

So while the bassinet weighs around 30 lbs, and it’s not something you will want to carry around the house, it would be nice to have the option, especially if it’s the only sleeper you have. 

Even if you wouldn’t move it around the house, it would still be nice to quickly move it around your bedroom, depending on where you want your little one to rest. 

Considering the 4moms Bassinet doesn’t attach to the bed, like other comparable bassinets, it would be nice to have some mobility.

Also, the bassinet has no side openings for you to pick up the baby quickly.

So while it’s easy enough to sit up and scoop up your little one, if you recently gave birth, it would be nice to have easy access to the baby.

In addition, the sound and motion feature only works when plugged into an outlet, but it would be convenient for it to use batteries.

However, the plug is directly underneath the bassinet, so a baby can’t grab it while they are inside.

The cord also attaches to the leg of the bassinet to prevent any dangling cables. 

There’s no doubt the soothing sounds from the bassinet rank high, but the rocking motions sometimes produce an undesirable noise that parents would rather leave at the door.

The baby may not be bothered by the added noise, but parents may notice. 

Also, the sounds automatically turn off after four hours, so you either need to roll over to restart it or hope your baby doesn’t notice.

The good part is that your baby will eventually get used to only having it fall asleep because it is a good habit to have. 

The 4moms Bassinet used to have a vibration feature, but newer models do not. While a bit of vibration is always nice to help a baby fall asleep, the five motions help take care of that.

4moms has said there were manufacturing issues with the vibration feature, which did not meet their high-quality standards. 

While the Bluetooth capability is incredibly techy, the last thing anyone wants to do in the middle of the night is turn on their phone to access their app.

You can operate the controls on the bassinet, but you have a chance of waking the baby up.

The feature is similar to some baby monitor devices you can only view on your phone. 

Finally, unlike other popular bassinets, there is no cry detection.

If it detects the baby crying on some high-tech bassinets, it will automatically begin soothing the baby.

The cry detection feature can go either way because some people could take it or leave it while others swear by it. 

There are some things we don’t like about the 4moms Bassinet, but they aren’t features that will interfere with the way your baby sleeps.

In addition, it’s hard to find something that checks all your boxes unless you’re willing to forfeit your newborn’s college fund. 

Pros Cons It can be controlled by Bluetooth and operated through the 4moms appIt is not on wheels which makes it hard to move around Easy assembly and requires no additional tools It does not use batteries and must be plugged in for sounds and motions to work Mesh sides allow a breathable place to sleepThe high price tag makes it less desirable since it’s used for a short time Storage area for diapers and extra clothing Four-hour max timer for sounds and motion Adjustable height allows you to have the bassinet in line with your bed No cry detection like similar products Four soothing sounds to help baby fall asleep Rocking motions can get loud Firm, flat surface that provides a safe sleeping place
Five unique rocking motions with five-speed options to help the baby stay asleep 

4moms Bassinet Review: What’s Included

  • Bassinet
  • Power cord 
  • Cord clip
  • Leg extender 
  • Foot
  • Water-resistant mattress
  • Sheet 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Four adjustable legs 
  • One 4moms Bassinet sheet 

While the 4moms Bassinet comes with a mattress and one sheet, you will need to buy additional sheets.

The last thing you want is a dirty sheet in the middle of the night and no backup sheet to change it out with.

It would help if you also kept in mind that only 4moms Bassinet sheets will fit properly

Aside from that, you’ll get everything you need to help your baby sleep well tonight.

Remember, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends you don’t add unnecessary accessories to cribs like bumpers, stuffed animals, or blankets.

Babies just need a safe place to sleep. 

Also, you can spot-clean the bassinet with mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth.

While the mattress has a water-resistant cover, you can use similar cleaning methods as you would on the bassinet.

Ensure you allow the mattress to air dry before using it again. 

As an important note, you don’t want to submerge any plastic or metal parts in water and, instead, spot clean.

In addition, you must not use any cleaning solvents on the LCD screen and only wipe it clean with a soft cloth. 

Technical Specifications 

Age Limit 5-6 months 
Weight Limit 25 lbs 
Item Weight 30 lbs 
Dimensions with leg extenders 34” x 24” x 39”
Dimensions without leg extenders 34” x 24” x 34.5”
Materials Aluminum, plastic, and mesh walls 
Warranty One year 
Attaches to bed No 
Adjustable height Yes 

Features Of The 4moms Bassinet

  • Four white noise options: ocean, fan, rain, and shh, making it easy to help get your baby asleep.
  • Adjustable height up to 4.5” to allow you to pick the ideal height for next to your bed.
  • Five unique motions: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave
  • Bluetooth is enabled so that you can adjust sound and motion settings from a smartphone.
  • The app allows you to set a timer to help establish bedtime routines. 
  • Water-resistant mattress, which is handy if a diaper leak or the baby spits up their dinner.
  • Mesh siding allows for breathability and visibility.
  • AC adapter plugs into bassinet; cord is approximately 98” long.

The 4moms Bassinet has impressive features that aren’t found on comparable bassinets.

The built-in sounds and Bluetooth capability are the product’s top strengths.

On the other hand, being unable to use batteries is a significant weakness. It would be preferable not to have to plug it in for use. 

4moms Bassinet Review – Final Breakdown

Rating 4moms Bassinet: 9 out of 10

The 4moms Bassinet is an excellent sleeper and provides more than enough features to keep your baby comfortable at night and during naps. 

You’ll appreciate the easy-to-use 4moms app and conveniently control the sounds and motions on the bassinet.

Remember, you don’t need a phone to operate the bassinet, as there is a control panel on the bassinet with all the functions. 

You probably are overwhelmed when deciding what’s best for your baby; there are a lot of products on the market these days! 

While it may not be perfect, we highly recommend the 4moms Bassinet. You can’t beat the built-in white noise and rocking motions to help your baby sleep peacefully.

It might not come on wheels, but moving the bassinet from one room to the next is still possible. 

Ensure you have a 4moms Bassinet in your room before you bring your baby home. You won’t regret it! 

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